Check out our Interview with ‘The Dirty Head’s’

1. So its been 4 years since the release of ‘Any Port in a Storm’ is there anything unexpected in the sophomore album ‘Cabin by the Sea’? like you said it’s been 4 years so we have had a lot of show’s and the sound is more mature and ‘Any Port in a Storm’ really was all different this album ‘Cabin by the Sea’ really goes together.
2. Now, You’ve  collaborated with some of the music greats are there any collaborations on the new album? Yes, 4. Matisyahu who is also on the current single ‘Dance All Night’, a buddy of ours, and Rome Ramirez, Ky-Mani Marley and Del the Funky.
3.Where did you find the most inspiration from for this new album? Everywhere. We made this as a record you can really put on anytime.
4.Now, off ‘Cabin by the Sea’ is there a track your particularly proud of over the rest? Haven’t picked a favorite yet, I’m really proud of it as a whole, it was just lot of fun.
5. You guy’s have been known to have a pretty rigerous touring schedule, how do you unwind after a long tour? Golf,we had 2 days off and we were playing golf all day. And hanging out with the family.
6. ‘Cabin by the Sea’ Now why that title, what is the meaning behind it? Mental place to get away from your problems.
7.Now, I must know what is the weirdest thing thats happen to the band while on tour? We try to never really answer this one.
8. You guy’s will be hitting the House of Blues here August 30th, What would you like to say to all your Orlando fans that will be heading out to see you? Come out and we hope to see all of you, we really love our shows to feel like we’re all together just hanging out!

Thank You So Much Guy’s, Great talking to you and AWESOME record!

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