August, 11th Showcase artist!

Freshly Baked, Rock has survived throughout changing times and still, as strongly as ever, beats through the hearts of millions. With so many people musically influenced by Rock, only a few have taken part in creating that rebellious, iconic rocker culture, Queen, AC/DC, Metallica, Nirvana and Foo Fighters. Each generation of rockers try to top what once influenced themselves; therefore, on a grander scale, reinvents and adds to this culture. We see this as a sort of transformation, in the form of genres: oldies, classic rock, punk, alternative, hard rock, heavy metal, and with Freshly Baked, a new genre, ready to spawn the next generation of Rock. Members include Eric “Trombley,” Lester “McFly,” Blaine Mace, and “Butch Wisdom,” Music is our passion, Rocking is our career, Raging excitment from fans fuels our unquenchable hunger to perform and create.

Arcadence, is a rock band proving to stand out in the Orlando, Fl music scene. They combine dark and light as they blend together the influence of both metal and pop-punk genres, led by the soaring and powerful vocals of Makenzie Kamal. Arcadence strives to create music that sends a message of hope to a generation falling into a hateful regime, that inspires creativity, and that deters the voices of judgment in society. Recently, Arcadence finished recording their EP at Tritone Studios, containing a variety of songs displaying their diverse capacity to create. The EP is available for purchase at

Katie Roth, dynamic singer/songwriter from Orlando, Fl, her music has an acoustic/pop twist enjoyable for everyone. Katie has played at many great places in the Orlando area including The Abbey, Dandelion Communitea Cafe, Sleeping Moon Cafe, Austn’s Coffee and Film, Cranes Roost, The Music Lab and more. With her experience of playing locally she has acquired a great and loyal fan base.




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