September, 8th Showcase @ The Music Lab

The Crimson Halo, is an alternative rock/metal band formed in May 2011. The band’s lineup includes lead vocalist Ariel Hope, guitarists Keegan Hurst, Tyler Young, and Dale Stump, drummer Tommy Durden, and bassist Drew Durden. The band is inspired by a very wide variety of influences including symphonic metal, grunge and progressive rock. The band aspires to reach out to others, and convey an empowering and relatable message through their music.

LoveCunningham, is an Indie-Pop band from Orlando, Florida. Formed in August of 2009, who has played hundreds of venues and developed an extensive following around the Sunshine State. In June of 2010, the band recorded their debut EP with producer Daryl Phenneger (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Evergreen Terrace). The single “Loving You Is Natural” received radio play in numerous states, extending the bands fan base and opening the door for their self titled sophomore release on August 16th, 2011. In May of 2012, LoveCunningham announced that production had begun on their third EP.
AJ Fritscher,With over 20yrs recording and performing experience in the local, Orlando, Fl Independent music scene, AJ Fritscher, is Central Florida’s musical evolutionist. Pushing the envelope by performing with gusto and passion making his original works a heartfelt, personal, experience and his portrayal of the covers by legendary singer/songwriters of yesterday and today are transposed as if they were his very own. Not your average “Acoustic Act”….AJ is a “POWER ACOUSTIC ACT”!! To ask him to “Tone it down” is to diminish the very essence of what his Performance is. No two AJ Show’s are ever alike as AJ is constantly evolving his style to keep things interesting and fresh for himself as well as his fans.

Slow Motion Killers, Founded by Maria “Mouse” Calabrese and a former band member in 2009 in Ocala, Slow Motion Killers has been rocking out and taking names ever since. SMK is an alternative rock band, hailing from Central Florida. The band consists of two members: Maria ‘Mouse’ Lisa Calabrese on guitar and Matthew Fernandes with vocals.


Jahnopa, is a congregation of soulful youths who all happen to own instruments. We play a sort of Ska/Reggae style, influenced by everything we have the capacity to sense around us. Jahnopa consists of 4 members, (Michael Dodson, Guitar/lead vocals, Levi Knox, Bass Guitar, Matthew Wassum, Drums, Austin Kelly, Trumpet) however we frequently invite guest artists to perform onstage with us.

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