Interview With ‘Orlando Rock’s’ Band:

We caught up with Sanja from the band ‘Anyone’s Guess’!                                                               Anyone’s Guess is a three-piece, female-fronted rock band, consisting of Clint Chambers (guitar), Matt McCormick(drums) & Sanja Jovanovic (bass, vocals).

What kind of imprint do you want to leave on society?                                                  

 Ideally the imprint would be in the shape of our logo, with glow-in-the-dark edges, so people can see it even in the dark. I’m just kidding. On the serious note, we’d like to make some difference in people’s lives by getting them in touch with themselves through our music. The society today is very emotionally clogged, for the lack of a better word, and it’s partially because we’re all so busy and we don’t have time to even realize what we live for. Anyone’s Guess is not big or anything, but we’ve been around for a while and it’s a really amazing feeling when people that you’ve never met in your life stop you in the street and tell you that you’ve inspired them to learn how to play an instrument, or how your song has given them hope that someone understands their situation… or other musicians email you after they see your show and tell you they went home at 2 AM and played their instrument for hours. All that, to me, means that our music got someone to get in touch with themselves, even for…you know three minutes and 35 seconds that it took to listen to the song.

 ‘One’ word to describe your sound?
 What style of music do you draw the most inspiration from?
We expose ourselves mostly to various kinds of rock, from Tool, Foo Fighters, 30 Seconds to Mars & similar, but we all have our guilty pleasures in other styles of music. In my opinion, anyone that tells you they draw their inspiration from a particular style of music, or music alone, has never really thought about what inspires them. The thing is, whether we like it or not, that Britney Spears song that’s playing at the 7-Eleven every morning when you stop for coffee…it affects what you hear in your head when a new song is born. Synchronized sounds of your washer and dryer..they affect it as well. Inspiration is all over the place. Like, for example, I was at the mall bathroom the other day, washing my hands, when I heard that high-pitched sound that makes the entire Ciara’s “Goodies” song sound so distinctive. Turns out what I was hearing was an automated hand dryer that was working in that same pitch and turned off identically to the ending of that progression. And I am not saying anything bad about hip hop. To the contrary…I bet you’ll be hearing that sound in your head for the rest of the day now. It’s ingenious if you ask me.
 Your dream venue to perform in?
We’ll actually be playing one of them this month- The House of Blues, on September 29th. Hard Rock is next on our radar. Check in with me after that one- we’ll have a longer list, I’m sure!
Why did you choose that particular band name?
We went through a pretty extensive list of name ideas and this one seemed to fit us best. When we were just starting out we had no idea what we’ll end up sounding like. We just all liked to create music and we came from completely different genres. Needless to say we have really grown a lot over the years and honed in our direction- straight to rocktown, please.
If you could open for any of the touring band’s who would it be?
Oh God, there are so many… In October, we’re actually opening for 12 Stones, whose lead singer, Paul McCoy, is the guy from the Evanescence’s song ‘Bring me to Life.’ Pretty cool, right? They’re a cool bunch of guys. We played with them last year in Cocoa & are really looking forward to this year’s line-up. But I guess, if I could just have a ‘make-a-wish’ moment, it would be Alanis Morrissette, or 30 Seconds to Mars.
Now, if we dared you to tell our audience something weird or unexpected about you in 10 seconds, What might you say 😉 ?
I am very uncomfortable amongst crowds of people. I know…I just crushed many people’s dreams of me crowd-surfing.
 Favorite Album of all time?
Jagged Little Pill.

Thank You for the Interview

You can catch ‘Anyone’s Guess’ live @ HOB on September 29th!
By: New Sound Candy

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