It’s All About Who You Know

As a professional, it is important to network and stay current within your specific industry. A great way to do this is by finding professional networking associations or communities, such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) or The Recording Academy of Grammy U. Becoming a member of these types of associations provides great benefits and opportunities, such as networking with other industry professionals, discounts to certain organizations, or access to specialized education or seminar programs. And the list goes on.

These associations or communities provide private memberships. And more than likely charge some type of fees. The fees depend on which association you join and what level of membership you want (e.g., student, individual professional, company). The point of having private memberships is the fact of having members screened beforehand, so that you only have a community full of serious and passionate professionals working and networking together.

Recently, I came across an association called Top Music Database (TMDB). TMDB is a private networking community for talented musicians, record labels, magazines, bands, and more. Their main mission is to provide one place where musicians or anyone in the entertainment industry can find each other or even employ one other. There is a prerequisite though. The only way to become a member is by having a good standing or reputation in the industry.

What does this mean? Well, TMDB has a compiled “blacklist” dating back as far as 1947. It is a list of actors, musicians, record labels and more who have burned really big bridges. In some cases those musicians tend to just start another band and in return “bad list” that band as well. The list helps any members stay clear of the persons that have done wrong. To get on this list you had to have broken contracts with labels, sponsors, venues etc. They even have persons on the list that have stole equipment from bands, including the band’s music. It’s amazing the lengths people will go.

That being said, if you are a member, you have the capability to check on anyone who you are potentially or currently working with. Say you are going to do business with some industry professional and you just have a bad vibe about it. You can check to see if that person is on the bad list. If so, you probably don’t want to work with that person.

However, TMDB is not only for checking people or businesses on the bad list. It’s also having the resources available to work with the finest and most elite in the industry. The abilities of TMDB are unlimited when it comes to music. They can distribute music to everything in one shot, music or video. They can send an artist right to MTV and VH1 with no debate. They can send a brand new artist right on the road with any major artist at any given time. Their contacts in the industry are limited to none and are above 30k contacts for music business.

How does that sound? It sounds pretty awesome to me!! I just have a few more things to mention. First, TMDB is currently working on a few hundred shows for 2013. They are seeking out reputable venues and bands. It is required for venues and bands on these tours to be active members of TMDB. These shows are to help find the right bands, promoters, and venues that deserve awards at the TMDB Artist Awards, which is already booked at The Hilton (Grand Ballroom) in Atlanta, GA on December 7, 2013. Second, musicians and bands can submit their music to be featured and played on TMDB’s own online radio stream. Last, TMDB is providing fan accounts now.

Being an aspiring entertainment professional myself, I welcome this amazing opportunity to be part of such a great organization. Basically, you have a nation wide team that has your back – supporting you, working with you, and looking out for you. To have great resources at your fingertips is vital in the entertainment industry. I always say, “It’s all about who you know!”

Become a member of Top Music Database today!

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