Posterra review….sit down and listen to them,

Ya know, this is a review that comes from a different view as far as the type of music I currently listen to, so, I must have an open mind and truly listen to  what I am hearing.

Posterra is, I guess what they label themselves as, is an Indie Rock band….I am not a big fan of labels, but I can say that Posterra is an intelligent mix of chords and words, kind of reminds me of a pre-mature Chevelle, but, not in a negative way. I love their (Posterra) enthusiasm and sincere vocals, but on the other hand, I crave the outspoken cries of what they are what they are feeling.

Posterra is a band who would reach the hearts of alot of young adults who are finding where they belong in this world of chaos, and to the rest of us, older americans, it sounds like hope that we, as people, will come together as one and have unity as our middle names.

Please open your hearts and minds and give music a chance. We can learn alot about people and each other through music!

Posterra is:

Tyler Crane: vocals,guitar

Josh Smullin: guitar

Jack Norsworthy: bass

Chris Rayner: drums

Recorded in the garage , Mahal with Brian Robertson and mastered by Micheal Fuller of Fullersound Inc.

Thanks for your time in reading our reviews and remember, Music is what moves you!


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Just a southern rocker ready to share music news and reviews with you!
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