‘We Are The People’s Band’!

Another Lost Year
From the opening chord to the last word, ALY’s live show will take you through every emotion possible, a feeling that has been proven time and time again with not just the friends and fans that attend, but also with the bands that regularly tour with ALY. http://anotherlostyear.com/fr_home.cfm

We had some time to Speak with Clinton of ALY who is the Bass and vocalist:


1. Describe the mood of your new record “Better Day’s”?
“uhh the mood, well there’s a lot of hope, moment’s in time and really that everything has a positive outcome.”
2.Who is the Lyricist and where do you find the most inspiration?
” I am, it comes from relationship’s, times good/bad really everything.”
3.Tell me why the band name ‘Another Lost Year’ what does it signify?
“When I was in the army I came back and realized I lost a lot of time and so that’s really where it came from.”
4.Now, how long have all of you been playing together as a band?
“just over 18 month’s, and we’re all from different band’s”
5.Is there any Collaboration’s on the album, or any you hope for in the near future?
” Justin Rimer from 12 Stones produced it, next album I would really like to work with Chris Daughtry.”
6. How would you like the ‘Another Lost Year’ to be remembered?
“Our fans are amazing we really want to effect the people that come out, we are the peoples band”

Thank’s Guy’s and look forward to seeing you hit Orlando!


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