Dirty Black Halo


Check out the Hard Rock band igniting from Tampa, Fl. Dirty Black Halo!

To tell you the truth these guy’s are one of my favorite interview’s with their no non-sense straight forward attitude, and combining a hard core sound with  a few talented musicians gives a pretty dang good contribution to today’s music world. Absolutely love it!

1. Would all of you introduce yourselves to our readers?
We’d like nothing but. Collectively we are known as Dirty Black Halo. What is and who makes up Dirty Black Halo you ask? Dirty Black Halo is a musical duality; the dark and the light, the sensual and the raw, the classic and the new. We are five individuals coming together to entertain audiences as much as being there to be entertained by the audience. We consist of co-founders John Hale (lead singer) and Jerry d’Paoli (lead guitars), Czeq (drums/percussion), Dino Florez (rhythm guitars), and Dave Hasler (the bass man cometh). We’re all about the gesheft.
2.In a scene covered with rock wannabe’s and garage band’s flooding the clubs how do you separate yourselves in this mass wave of music?
Well, before we answer that question, the point that should be made is that the venues are responsible for the quality of live music made available. If in fact rock wannabes and garage bands are flooding the circuit then it only means the venues are allowing this influx. To answer your question accurately would be me telling your readers to watch our videos, learn about us, and come to our shows. Have you ever tried to describe to someone what it felt like to ride a roller coaster or that mega-orgasm that lasted what seemed like forever with any sense of accuracy? Forget it…don’t tell me, just show me. Come to a show, be part of it, talk to us, and then you’ll understand what makes us different.
3.In two words describe your sound?
Only two words? You’re killing us…ha-ha. Those with exceptional hearing would call it, “Pretty Loud.” Girls would call it “Sexual and Decadent” and foodies describe it as “Tasty and Delicious.” We describe it as “Musical Climax.” We didn’t cheat did we?
4.Biggest Musical influences?
Because we each have our own style, our influences are quite diverse though we share many of the same. Some of Hale’s influences, for instance, range from Dave Gahan to Ville Valo. Jerry’s influences include Jimmy Page, Richie Sambora, and Slash. Czeq is heavily influenced Carter Beauford of Dave Matthews Band and Alter Bridge. My influences include bands like Pokolgep and Rammstein. Dave’s influences range from Geddy Lee to Nikki Sixx.

 5.Now, define the band name, where did that come from?

The band name came from a quote in a song that John Hale had written prior to the founding of DBH. The story goes that after creating Dirty Black Halo, he began looking through old songs for inspiration and came across the aforementioned one. He saw the line “She wears a Dirty Black Halo, so she can see in the dark”
and immediately thought, “What a great band name.”

6.Most Embarrassing moment on stage to date?
We had a former bass player some time ago, who shall remain nameless. He ended up breaking a string in the middle of a show. No big deal, right? Wrong! He casually walked off the stage, walked backstage to the dressing room to grab his backup! Now mind you, this was at the Whiskey A Go-Go on the Sunset strip in L.A. and he must have been gone for 5 minutes but it seemed like 30. As they say, “The show must go on” and it did.

7. Favorite band growing up?
Hale’s was Guns N’ Roses, Jerry’s favorite band was Led Zeppelin, Czeq’s was Dave Matthews Band, mine was Kiss, and Dave’s was Rush.

8.What do you have to say to all your fans heading out to the show this Thursday at the BackBooth?
We can’t wait to see them and play for them as it is always an honor to do so. We’re also eager to meet new fans because we heard the Orlando crowd really likes to have a good time and party. With that said, “Enjoy the show, go crazy, have a blast, and don’t forget to hydrate…you’re going to need it.”

Thank’s for the Interview Guy’s!

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2 Responses to Dirty Black Halo

  1. Ed says:

    Saw these guys tonight, all I can say is WoW!!! They played for a short time, next time play longer!!!! This is the Rock that is missing from the people nowadays. I’m now a fan!!’n

  2. Karen says:

    Great interview! Never saw them here in Orlando, but caught their show last night and OMG!!! What a pounding set! Very good band!! True rock really does never die!

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