The Edge Effect: winner’s of MTV’s ‘Great A Capella Group’!

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The Edge Effect is a six-man vocal band comprised of Orlando-based Danny Alan, Sean Gerrity, Soloman Jaye, John Gibson , Troy Dolendo and Karl Hudson.
67833_482728628443682_1311527142_nCuriosity, that was the true emotion that sparked in me when I was told we were covering the performance. Why, so many groups emerging out of Orlando and they all seem to possess the same delusional quality that they have something that no one else has encountered before when in reality you’re checking your facebook by the end of their first song. I was curious to see if The Edge Effect (a vocal band) was going to hold my attention. Result? Not only did they hold my attention they held the entire audience. Their talent above all else really was beyond local performances it was really on a nation touring level, their voices truly are their instruments and they work them beautifully. Showcasing their A Capella style in the first performance and in the second proving they versatility not only as an A Capella group but as a band!
We had the opportunity to interview the guy’s during a performance break on Friday at the Gaylord Palms Resort, they are truly a people’s band very easy going, raw and beyond courteous as when one of the member’s of our party could not ride the elevator she was escorted by one of the members around the building and to the GreenRoom where we met the rest of the band.Video’s of their performance do not do them justice, they are a must-see live band! So I say their a 5 Star band!

How do you guy’s like perform at Gaylord for the Holiday’s?
It’s been Great, We love Christmas time, I know that sound’s like a stock answer but it’s true!                                                                                                                         
Tell me about your sound and how you separate yourselves in this industry? “ohh good question, we are an A Capella group but we combine different genre’s of music and really a different level and we want to add drums, keyboard and guitar with our sound for instance having the instruments with Troy adding to the percussion  And with so many A Capella groups coming up everyday and out of high School popping up everywhere and coming out of Orlando we defiantly separate ourselves and are not a boy band, which!”                                                                                              
Being apart of ‘Top Pop Group’ and ‘Great A Capella Group’ how has that helped you as performer’s? “ohh what can I say, practice makes perfect but perfect practice gives a perfect performance And really the more you do something, and the more repetition you become more skilled at that. Trial and finding out what works, we just really grew has performers.”
                                                                                                                                                              Who is your biggest musical influences? “So many, well Prince, Stevie Wonder, Muse, Journey, Brian Mcknight, and of course Bruno Mars right now, ohh yeah. That list would really keep going!”

   Now, you’ve shared the stage with a wide range of artist, have you been starstruck by one yet? “Prince, defiantly Prince I really had no word’s to look over and have Prince point to you, yeah.” And Stevie Wonder, having him call out our name, just an amazing feeling!”

                                                                                                                                                      What would you like to tell our reader’s? “KickStart Page, please take a look and visit are Kick Start page and there are tracks to are song’s, please take a listen we appreciate every little thing.”

The Edge Effect is Currently Performing for the Holiday’s @ Gaylord Palms Resort Kissimmee

Thank’s Guy’s

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