EP ‘Homeland Obscurity’

mandipaige (1)

541357_10151251805497959_1700744856_nMachine Gun Funk (taken from the Notorious B.I.G song) echo’s the sound of legendary Megadeth and Venon adding a modern accompaniment that reminds me of some of Eminem’s later collaboration’s as they play with the rock rap cross-genre. Doom Metal is defiantly a root, which makes clear sense as that genre was strongly influenced by the early work of Black Sabbath. Now, on the last track off the EP you can really hear the play of Thrash Metal as the tempo picks up the raw aggression and intensity pulse through the speakers in ‘HomeLand Obscurity’. The track ‘Fire of Tragedy’ I personally thought rocked and I found the lyric’s “I come from the midnight star; raging fire of tragedy, left alone to bleed, in a sea of disease I come from the midnight star” to have a cool organic quality to them. If you are a fan of Megadeth, Metalica, Anthrax, Kid Rock and Venon then you will be addicted to this underground metal band, Machine Gun Funk. Check out Jared, Brandon, Mike, Sam and Jesse on their FB and keep up to date on their latest show’s and music.


Recorded by The Damage Room

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