One Sacrifice: ‘La Primera Nota’

mandipaige (1)598379_401463173267556_2128242245_nSimilar to Casting Crowns and Mercy Me with a latino twist. One Sacrifice’s debut album ‘La Primera Nota’ meaning ‘The First Note’ mixes alternative rock/pop with a hint of jazz as they play with different sound’s.Their album takes you on a journey through ten song’s that fans will really connect with. The vocals are crisp and the lyric’s very meaningful with a sprinkle of spirituality.  This is an album you can put in no matter who is in the car, this is a very family oriented record that they will all enjoy. Keep up with Laura, Carolynn, Skylar, Christia and Jose on their FB:

I had the chance to interview One Sacrifice about ‘La Primera Nota’ Earlier this week:
Please Introduce yourselves to our reader’s…
Laura Ariza: Bass Player/Lead vocal
Carolynn Aenlle: Keyboardist/Lead vocal
Skylar Jackson: Drummer/Percussionist
Christian Ryan : Saxophone
Jose Aenlle: Lead vocal/Songwriter

How would you define your genre, do you consider yourself strictly christian or more of a crossover band?
“It is a little difficult to pin our music to one specific genre. Overall, we could be considered “Alternative Rock”, but then it is so much more than that. We have “Jacqueline”, a song that flirts with hints of Jazz, then “Primera Nota” a song that we definitely consider experimental. But then we have songs like “Breathe” that follow a different form of song altogether (Sonata Form). Ultimately, we are not trying to fit into a genre, we just love to make wholesome music that can be appreciated for the art. Our songs speak of family, love, praise and hope, and while our core is Christian we are definitely a crossover band. Our love songs can prove that.”

When did all of you decide to form ‘OS’ and why ‘One Sacrifice as the band name?
“One Sacrifice really came together within this last year, but it was a project that was started by my sister and I. And then it grew into a whole new monster when Laura, Skylar and Christian joined in bringing new flavors, styles and textures. When we all finally came together my compositions gained life and it was unstoppable from there.” “About the name, I was always fascinated with mythology and religions of other parts of the world. I loved learning of other peoples belief systems, and that curiosity in juxtaposition with my own personal beliefs made me realize the real meaning of Christianity for me. This relationship with God, is unique because of that One Sacrifice that was made for us out of love. Why One Sacrifice? Because it is the core of my spiritual foundation.” (Jose)

Who are your biggest personal musical influences?
“Classical music and it’s forms. The Beatles because of the diversity in their music. Dave Brubeck Quartet, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay and Muse. All those guys are awesome.”

Was there a main lyricist on this record or did you all contribute?
“I was the main lyricist in this album. It was difficult not to draw inspiration from personal experiences, all those feelings brought some our best songs to life. Also some of our best lyrics came from my fathers old poems and journals, those yellowed papers are a treasure to me.” (Jose)

In 2 word’s how would you describe your album ‘La Primera Nota’?
“Raw Emotion”

What are your overall ambitions for this album?
“This album is about overcoming, so our main purpose is to help those who listen to these songs find at least a little hope to get through their problems. It is hard to listen back to some of these songs and not tear up, it took a lot to make this album happen, but it was worth it. We hope to make a difference with “La Primera Nota”.

Thank’s One Sacrifice for the interview!

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