mandipaige (1)We’ve got some new Candy for you! So enjoy the Interview Boy’s & Girl’s 😉

Check Out PlanetRAWK Online…

GHGGHGHGHGHGWho makes up this unique project?                                                             Charlie Ahanotu – Vocalist/Programming,  Mikah Bahamut drums/Programming, JT Star – Bass,  Ashley Fayt – Guitar/Vocals

How do you guy’s plan on making this “one of the biggest indie album’s to come out”? We want to crack the top 200 billboard as a indie band. We want to stay on the road and tour constantly so we can show that we are the hardest working band out.

Describe your sound in one word to our reader’s? Skitzo

PlanetRAWK, tell us where that derived from? Frontman Charlie Ahanotu was a fan of afrika bambaataa; they had a song called Planet Rock so that is where the name came from.

What made you decide to start this project? Well Charlie started this as a solo project which formed into a band and basically wanted to involve electronics, hip hop and modern hard rock.

Where did the title name of your album come from? Being raised in a black community listening to rock and metal, growing up different then other black kids; so many of the kids would say we are white kids with a black face so we decided to use that and tell our story.

Where can we catch you performing in Orlando? We our going to rock The Haven with the big homies Blaine The Mono, Flow Like Wine and some other dope bands Feb 17th, so bring the noise!!!!

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