Artist Development Showcase Jan. 26th @ High Society

mandipaige (1) kjfdsaBrian Ames, is an extremely talented singer/songwriter with a piano sound that is the next generation of Elton John. He has been playing music professionally since the age of sixteen. Brian spent several years in Nashville as a songwriter and keyboard player, and also toured around the country with several country artists. He has been a piano bar entertainer both on land and sea, but has most recently decided to focus on playing his original music. He is undeniably a multi-talented musician and entertainer. He is definitely in line to become the next great rock piano artist.

428339_505655262820430_841619641_nAlbert Mendoza, aka Nekr0naut, is a Trance producer/dj. He is a Los Angeles native, and attends Full Sail University. His dream is to create music that will enlighten people’s lives the way his influences has done for him.


Freestyle Instrumental Music, originated in South Orlando Florida during the summer of 2012 with the name being the concept of the band. Freestyle Instrumental Music draws its musical influences from every spectrum of the music world and is an entirely free-form experiment gone horribly right. As a result, no two shows will ever be the same giving the audience a unique experience at each and every performance.

;lkjgfThe Mother Band, We are a three-piece rock band from Orlando, FL. We consider our sound a blend of blues and psychedelic influences with an indie rock frame. Our lyrics are written by our Lead Singer / Guitarist Colby Sumner, who is a combat veteran of both the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. Our goal is to bring new music to the world that has never been heard before and to be more entertaining as a band than any artist/band before us. We are in the process of recording our Debut EP and booking our maiden tour.

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