Bad Bad Meow

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bbm epA clever Chicago based american punk band that has twisted hint’s of acoustic folk into their sound truly making them a unique breed of musical style. BBM really has a catchy hook all their own, yet you can hear a slight similar quality in their music to The Pixes and The White Strips but I also personally relate their sound to that reflecting an Elvis Costello style with a hint of Mumford and Son’s creeping through in the background.When I was listen to their track’s it really made me feel as if I was listening to a vintage track gone grunge. To created this the band has a collision of sound’s as they incorporate an array of instruments while combining them with gritty somewhat southern rooted vocals.  BBM most recently released their third EP “Run Through the Middle” recorded at Chicago’s Engine Studios, and the people behind Bad Bad Meow developing jhgfdthis cool sound are Alen Khan on Vocals & guitar, Will Wholesome on Upright Piano, Piano/Rhodes/Organ Keyboards/Synth, Jon Leganski on Drums, Butter Buttermilk on Bass & Upright Bass and Greg Peerbolt on Acoustic Guitar.
You can check out Bad Bad Meow on their band camp @

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  1. alen says:

    awesome thanks for the write up…
    thanks again!

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