Hope In Disguise

mandipaige (1)New to the scene and freshly uncovered for your enjoyment, this band emerges out of California with a collaberation of electronic/pop and progressive. Now Check out our Interview with Hope In Disguise’s creator and lyricist Chris Ayala

Would you like to introduce yourself to our reader’s?

hidHi, I’m Chris Ayala I sing and write the lyrics for Hope In Disguise

Where did the name ‘Hope in Disguise’ originate from exactly?
My friend came up with the name. We were looking for something that caught the eye and had meaning
How long have all of you been playing together?   I was solo for almost a year before AJ joined. So this version of Hope In Disguise has been together since December of 2012
 Is there a particular producer you hope to work with in the future or have already worked with?The producer we work with now is pretty amazing. He knows our sound very well. I guess to work with Nat from 3OH!3 would be pretty cool cause we are influenced by them
What is the weirdest/funnest thing that has ever happened to you while performing?We recently played a show where the cables broke and we were left on stage for about 5 minutes just talking to the crowd. It was awkward but we made it work. 
If you were ‘DARED’ to do a cover of a POP hit, which one would it be? We wouldn’t need to be dared we love pop music. We have some pop covers coming out on our summer EP. I wouldn’t call the songs mainstream hits but we really like the way they came out. For mainstream maybe beauty and the beat by Justin Bieber would be cool. 
Who would be you dream band/artist to tour with? I would love to tour with All Time Low. Not the same style but I just love their music. I know AJ loves Pierce The Veil so maybe we should just go on the spring fever tour 🙂 
 What is the #1 song on your playlist right now? ‘You Be Tails I’ll Be Sonic’ by A Day To Remember 
Is there anything you  would like to tell our reader’s? Check us out if you like catchy beats, screams mixed with meaningful lyrics and raps. It’s really unique 🙂 
Thank’s Chris!

You can Check out the band’s sound at https://soundcloud.com/hope-in-disguise

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