Burlesque ROCK band: The Fox & The Hounds!

mandipaige (1)

Album page 10Intriguing thought, a cocktail of sex and tight vocals with instrumentalist kicking the door to the rock world wide open,  I would defiantly want to know more. Well, that is exactly what we have for you today, so Give your attention to the burlesque rock band The Fox & The Hounds! Blasting out of the Chicago scene with a unique vibe and style separating the sea of stagnant monotony with a mingling mix of alternative rock and pop/jazz.

Their self-titled album (The Fox & The Hounds) was recorded at Clocktower Studios and mixed at Joy Ride Studios. Born from the talent of creator Kendel Lester who is also the singer and songwriter, Ira Ochs on Bass, Sam Crossland as the master of Piano, harmonious Kara Poe rocking Violin, classically trained Steve Howe on the Guitar and Tony Panico keeping the beat on the Drums.

I really recommend this to all of you that enjoy the sound’s of Evanescence, David Garrett, Halestorm and for those Florida reader’s Dollface. There web page gives you full access so click on over and see and hear for yourself! http://www.foxandthehounds.com/fr_home.cfm 

The Fox & The Hounds are a ‘Must’, and I’m excited for when the band take’s over an O-town stage in the near future! Keep up with TFTH on their FB @ https://www.facebook.com/TheFoxTheHounds

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