March Artist Development

mandipaige (1)lkkjToday’s Forecast, is the product of years of dedication and the happiness of a young man’s passion for music. Tyler Savino has spent his life playing venues such as the Hard Rock Live and State Theater as a drummer of metal groups such as Still We Rise, Waters Edge, and Save the Fallen, but now the time has come for him to show people what he’s been doing behind the scenes. Prepare for Today’s Forecast. It has been predicted to bring you harmonious melodies and catchy choruses. And this is a forecast that will never change.


hghghAn Honest Year, consisting of Matthew McKay- vocalist, Stephen Morrell- lead guitarist, Jonathan Pfingstan- guitarist, Jonathan Bogart-bassist, and Greg Pinney- drummer. They came together to be true to their unique musical sound, to reject the norm and be honest with themselves.Their sound is openly influenced by  acts such as Boys Like Girls, Blink-182, New Found Glory and Yellowcard. These aspiring pop rockers are ready to chase their dream.


Decoding Déjà Vu! A band from the small town of Kissimmee, Fl. They write music as they put it “simply to spread peace and solidarity between the souls of the Human race”.




7636_532258763493413_1744919602_nStroke of Midnightfour hard-working metalheads. who have loved the music their whole lives now creating a unique and fresh brand of our their own, blending melodic power rock with heavy and hard hitting metal to further develop the Orlando metal scene.


jhjgjgThe Lake Worth Long Shots,  a Reggae band from South Florida residing in Orlando.

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