Save Rock and Roll

 mandipaige (1)Put On Your War Paint!

jghghghghhghgRead it on the news stands as the Boy’s of the iconic American punk/rock band Fall Out Boy have yet again stole our attention and just maybe with the cryptic Lyrics that truly first made me a fan. As Patrick’s massive vocal’s not only fit the Lyrics but the added feature is his voice has taken on an almost Erie yet power driven tone in track’s The Phoenix and The Mighty Fall which are also the two I recommend for the harder alternative fans that follow Three Days Grace and The Used.                                                                                   Coming back to the infectious nostalgic pop/punk sound there is no better way to describe them than with their lyrical ingredient in Where did the Party Go “I’m here to collect your hearts, It’s the only reason that I sing, I don’t believe a word you say, But I can’t stop listening,” and of course their track Alone Together I’m outside the door, invite me in So we can go back and play pretend I’m on deck now, I’m up Tonight, I’m high as a private jet”.

Adding to this explosive record produced by Butch Walker is the talent’s of Big Sean on The Mighty Fall, Just One Yesterday featuring Foxes, Courtney tumblr_mk88kpcQR71qaii7yo1_500 (1)Love on the punk track Rat A Tat and Sir Elton John on the title track Save Rock and Roll.

If you are a veteran FOB fan than you’ll be addicted, if you’re a pop/punk junkie there’s a track you will be lip sinking to in the car like a 90’s pop star and hard rocker’s you shall not be forgotten either! eeee

Fall Out Boy will be invading House Of Blues Orlando on June 4th 2013

I need more dreams and less life, And I need that dark in a little more light, I cried tears you’ll never see, So f-ck you, you can go cry me an ocean and leave me be You are what you love, Not who loves you, In a world full of the word yes, I’m here to scream, No No ~ Save Rock And Roll feat. Elton John


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