Experts and Businesses That Inspire and Influence Entrepreneurship

header2Entrepreneurship has always been instilled in me, whether I knew it or not. If I think about it, I’ve actually been an entrepreneur ever since I was a young boy mowing lawns for people or even offering DJ services since I was in high school. I believe all of us have idols or influential people that we all look up to, especially as kids. When I was younger, I would say the majority of my influences were either sports stars or music celebrities.

As time goes by, we continually become influenced by other people that share the same interests, personalities, beliefs, or that we want to be more like. We follow them and believe in what they do because they inspire us to be and do better. Having the entrepreneurial spirit myself and developing a liking for business, real estate, entertainment, and investing, I’ve gravitated towards many people who influence me in these sectors. A couple of those people are Donald Trump and Richard Branson – two of the most well known moguls in their respective industries.

Donald Trump has inspired me because of his passion for real estate and superb sense of quality. It’s like everything he touches turns to gold. His father was also successful, but that doesn’t mean that Trump didn’t work hard to become his own success. He may be very blunt and brutal at times, but he has an impeccable knack for creative acquisitions and managing business. Plus, deep down I believe he has a compassionate personality. He continues to be a philanthropist as one of the most recognized businessmen in the world.

Not only has Trump invested in and acquired real estate, but he has also become versatile in many other business ventures, such as golf resorts, book writing, merchandise, and entertainment. I believe he sees these as stable investments and/or businesses that have longevity and sustainability, not just current trends or fads.

Richard Branson, on the other hand, likes to push the envelope. As the founder of Virgin, Virgin Group holds more than 200 companies. Starting in the music industry, he has expanded into many other sectors, such as airlines, mobile technology, and space travel. I would say Branson’s businesses have always lived in the emerging or trending areas of business. The amazing reality behind this though is that Branson has branded Virgin as trendy, sexy, and vibrant, which in turn keeps his organization thriving.

Not only does Branson provide consumers and his organization with such a sleek, contemporary brand, but he also provides the world with imagination and the sense that anything is possible. He rarely says no to a business opportunity or idea. With a motto of, “Screw it, let’s do it,” he has continued to try many concepts that are out of the ordinary, often failing, but just as often succeeding. This type of entrepreneurial spirit just resonates with me and is exactly what I want investors and shareholders to capture when they are looking to hold a stake in any business ventures I do.

There you have it! Two very successful entrepreneurs with different personalities; however, they both utilize their personalities to represent their established brands, which makes them unique.

Who influences you? What do you look for if investing in or pursuing a business venture?

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