April’s Artist Development

mandipaige (1)

ngfdcfvghjSugarless, a hard hitting alternative rock band with members from Orlando and Kissimmee Florida. Sugarless was originally formed in 2010, and after a few different line ups, finally in 2012 the band came together and has evolved into something that can’t be ignored. Sugarless’ lineup includes lead vocalist and song writer Shawn Lessard, guitarist, creative force, and back up vocals, Hutch Rymer, hard hitting bass sound, and back up vocals, Gabe Delrio, and master time keeper and the thunder behind the drums, Robby Buck. Sugarless is inspired by a variety of influences that include; Vapid, Nirvana, Hale Storm, Breaking Benjamin, and Alice in Chains to name a few.

jhytrdStereo-Type, a progressive, alternative, and
punk band based in Orlando. We started about a year ago, all
playing instruments excessively for the past ten years. Vince,
playing melodic, yet punk, riffs on the guitar and following after
vocalist idols such as Dave Grohl ( Foo Fighters), Kurdt Cobain( Nirvana), and Matthew Bellamy ( Muse). Bassist, Edwin, finds influence inspired by Les Claypool ( Primus), Geddy Lee ( Rush), and Flea ( Red Hot Chili Peppers). Then, finally, Brian, torching a progressive metal sound inspired by the likes of Matt Halpern ( Periphery), Matt Gartska ( Animals As Leaders), and Mile Mangini ( Dream Theater).

bgtyghjnm,SKNN is an all American, Original rock band from Orlando FL , formed in 2003. The Genre is 80’s based Arena Hard Rock. SKNN is also know for making covers all there own and creating an electric party atmosphere wherever they perform.
The group formed by Mario MonteLeone(Lead Vocals, Guitars), Hector Ruiz (Bass Guitar) and Ruben Ruiz (Drums) became the foundational Trifecta. Mario Ticlea (Lead Guitars) joined soon after followed by Don Rider (Lead Guitars).

ngfdCold War Relic,  Formed in Orlando, Florida, the band features Andy Staggs on bass, Chris Bongiovanni (aka “B”) on vocals and guitar, George Fry on lead guitar, and Rob Tetro on drums. The guys initially united to write and play music simply for the fun of it. They soon realized that while they didn’t take themselves too seriously, they’d crafted some very serious music. Alchemists of classic rock, metal, punk, and alternative, their song-writing has been heavily influenced by some of this century’s darkest elements.

hygtfdcfvghmkBen Cook, alternative/pop singer songwriter based out of Orlando. You can listen to his full album ‘The City’ on PureVolume:


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