3 Bucksworth new CD: PURE

mandipaige (1)utyyfruOriginating as an acoustic duo in 2005 these Central Florida natives expanded their band with the addition of Mark in 2007 and Rod in 2009 creating the rock  solid sound crowd’s can’t get enough of. Calling themselves soul-driven root rock as they follow in a great tradition of legendary musicians and songwriters, as the guy’s really want to create “music for everyone” and you can really hear all the inspiration and genre’s that come together to form the new album. PURE has flavor’s of Collective Soul, 90’s adult alternative and even Shinedown similarities are heard  in this album.

3 Bucksworth is trying to get their music to the people, Mark says, “It’s tough for any good band nowadays, but we can’t go the traditional route. We’re simply not able to go out on the road for any period of time, and we’re not ‘in the scene’; out at the clubs hanging with other bands and musicians. We have families and responsibilities. Luckily we’re still a hell of a cover band, so we can do a lot of gigs playing about half our own material and half covers and it works out well.”

This is a filling album with 11 track’s that are truly all worth listening.


3BW FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/3-Bucksworth/54640641814?id=546B40641814&sk=info

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