The Dance at the End of the World

mandipaige (1)profile_227683148_75sq_1366008239Meka Nism the Orlando based female fronted musical experience that is defying any particular style in the hard rock genre. After lead singer Michelle aka Meka spent three years in Japan as part of the successful Origami Girls, she brought her influences home joining Meka Nism along with Bobby on lead guitar, Alvin on bass and Reed aka Freedom on the drums.

 Dance at the End of the World off the band’s newest EP really seems to capture the band’s flavor and overall style, rolling it into a unique rock experience. The other track’s have an interesting effect as for me they seem to lead you to ‘Dance at the End of the World’ while bringing it all together with the final song ‘rise‘. As for the the vocal’s they have a great balance of gritty rebellion and female power.  I recommend this if your a hard rock fan of Halestorm, In This Moment and The Agonist.

Keep up to date with the band new’s as well as their changing tour schedule on!home/mainPage

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