Introducing: Sudden Move

mandipaige (1)480893_3090761525448_2000460627_nStill in the raw stages of ‘Sudden Move‘, three musicians are finding their style and dynamic as one of Orlando’s newest Alternative/ rock development. Check out our Q&A with Richie, James and Anthony:

Hi guys, why don’t you introduce yourselves to our readers.    

Richie: I’m Richie and I’m the lead vocalist as well as the rhythm guitarist. Since we don’t have a bassist yet, I write bass parts for our songs when we record them. James: My name is James and I’m lead guitar and backing vocals. Anthony: I’m Anthony and I play the drums.

I read the definition behind your band name would you describe that to our followers as well ?        

James: It was spur of the moment, I guess.  Richie: James had approached me with moving to the area and becoming his roommate. So within a few weeks I was down. We started writing songs the night I moved in, so it was a “sudden move.” And the name kind of stuck.

What artist/band’s would you say have been your greatest overall influence(s)?                                                  

Richie: For me personally, it would be a tie between Brand New and Coheed & Cambria. Brand New has such a magnetic vibe to all of their songs, it’s hard to not like them. And Claudio Sanchez of Coheed helped me get comfortable with singing in a higher register, which is a big part of our sound.   James: Sevendust and Alter Bridge are probably mine. Clint Lowery and Mark Tremonti are big influences on my guitar playing. It’s a combination of heaviness and melody. Both those guys are the reason I got into playing guitar. Anthony: Dave Grohl.

Do you have a favorite central Fl venue/spot to perform as of now?

  Richie: Definitely. Red Lion Pub is by far our favorite. The owner is so very friendly and kind. The crowd is always pumped. It’s just an amazing atmosphere. James: We also liked playing open mic nights at Sam Ash. That’s how we met Anthony.

Who does the Lyrical work and compositions for the band?   

Richie: I write the lyrics and the skeleton of the song. It’s a long process since I tend to write intricate parts, so it gets tedious trying to find lines that flow correctly with them.   James: I basically add flavor to them and fill the song up a bit more. It’s kind of hard since Richie writes more intricate things and in a different style than what I’m used to playing. Richie: And Anthony takes care of writing the drum parts.                                                                             

 I noticed that the band is still in the young stages, What made you decide to form this band in the first place?         Richie: I’ve always loved performing; whether in high school chorus or in drama, and I love music. I’m also a workaholic, so I function best when I have something to dedicate my time toward. And considering my roommate was also into music, it just made sense to put my passion into a band.            James: I’m pretty much the same. I like music and staying busy. I like having an outlet. Richie pretty much summed it up. Anthony: Passion for music.

 In ten word’s or less what else would you like to tell us about ‘Sudden Move’?      

Richie: We’ll have an EP out soon, so watch for that.  James: Send us a bassist

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