New Politics: on tour with ‘A Bad Girl in Harlem’

mandipaige (1)MI0003535410After writing songs together for three years for their respective solo albums (never produced), Boyd and Hansen realized they had a group forming. A pop-punk/power trio consisting of David Boyd on lead vocals, Søren Hansen with guitars, vocals, keyboards, programming and Louis Vecchio bringing it together on the drums, percussion and backing vocals came to be known as ‘New Politics’.

In November, 2009, New Politics signed with RCA. Waging lyrical war in their first radio hit ‘yeah yeah yeah’, angst and an artillery of background rap questioning the corporate and political with a blast of rebellion and guitars.

Coming back with a new album on May 21st a more refined pop inspired collection, different approach than with their first album using more alternative/rock sound influence. I would say they succeed at carrying their own style while stretching more toward’s the direction of The Killers and The Paper Tongues.

Now, with their new music on display on a nation wide tour with thenp multi-platinum band Fall Out Boy on their ‘Save Rock and Roll‘. Sold Out already for most date’s including their Orlando stop at House of Blues June 4th, so if you’re a fan you better already have your ticket’s!

You can find ‘A Bad Girl in Harlem‘ on iTunes:

And the rest of the tour date’s at:


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