Welcome ‘Manamana’ to the scene!

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2013-01-05_16-37-57-DSC_0027-e1358216687949Manamana (Muh-Nah-Muh-Nah) Rock experiment Developed in July 2010 when the need for another band arose with short notice, Butch Bobcat, P. Shway, and Mr. Saturday Knight came together comprising a set of songs that Butch Bobcat had written several years earlier creating the sound to be known as Manamana. Promoting South Carolina as the orientation of the band to represent the venue they first performed at. Winners of The Pit Unsigned via Facebook contest this trio truly showcases their passion about music through their professionalism and talent combined with an electrifying live performance that’s unforgettable.

Managed by shock rocker Reverend H and CEO of Dyskfunctional Records LLC Tracy Walker. The band has released their EP titled “The Prelude to Party on Wheels” including 3 track’s (Wrath, Final Curtain, and Southern Comfort), the full length album still remains with the studio until the band is ready to let it out titled “Party on Wheels”.

Having played more than 70 show’s the guy’s will continue the 2013 tour through this summer so check out Manamana’s tour schedule here: http://www.manamana.org/tour/


2013-01-05_17-57-01-DSC_0187-150x150 2013-01-05_18-00-07-DSC_0222-150x150



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One Response to Welcome ‘Manamana’ to the scene!

  1. tlclife12 says:

    Great article very interesting! Mandi is the best writer out there…her songs are even better

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