Orlando Rock’s welcomes ‘Empire Theory’

mandipaige (1)31449_451336871601394_1089455307_nOrlando based indie rock band Empire Theory whose debut album ‘Colors’ was released in August 2012 and continue’s to gain steady momentum over the past year. With a greater purpose to use music as a social mega phone for change. Their music display’s similarities to Imagine Dragons, Coldplay and Muse and a unique collision of brit/euro rock. Since Empire Theory will be sharing the stage on July 27th 7839_486722291396185_711017605_nfor the Orlando Rock’s concert and Stockholm CD release party at House of Blues, We spoke with Sebastian Zalidbar for a little more background on the guy’s and their music.

Who is Empire Theory? 

David Oakley, lead guitar, violin. Jeremy Haynes, keyboards & vocals. Abel Aponte, bass guitar. Matt Sparks, drums. Sebastian Zaldibar, rhythm guitar, vocals.

Is the Lyrics a group effort or do you have a single Lyricist?Lyrics up to this point have been written by Sebastian, but are continually modified and improved through the feedback of Jeremy and David.

Are You all native to Orlando?

The only Orlando native is Matt Sparks, drummer. Jeremy is a native of Atlanta, GA. Abel is a native of Caracas, Venezuela. Sebastian is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. David is a native of Wilmington, DE.                                                       

We love the fact that we come from all walks of life and cultures!

What are your thoughts indie vs. label?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages but it is a definite fact that both take extreme amounts of work. I think being indie is beneficial in terms of the creative capacity the band may have to make more autonomous decisions regarding the arrangement and type of music, the type of audience we want to reach, etc. However, that puts the burden on us to be fully responsible for not only creating the music, but funding and preparing shows and potential tours, recording projects, and perhaps the most important and often overlooked aspect of all: The infamous “M” word, as in Marketing, which is so vital to the success of a band like ours.

Being under a label doesn’t necessarily mean we lose autonomy per se, but it does mean we are held accountable to the professional standards of the label. This, it would seem to me, might be more of an advantage than anything. In a way, it might even be easier to be signed to a label because someone else is putting their financial and musical trust in your product, which in turn fuels creativity out of a need to fulfill a contract. I think that if the band has a clear vision of who they want to be, they can be successful under both avenues.

What influenced the band name?

I would have to say the name “Empire Theory” stems from our aim to debunk the status quo, to launch a counterattack against the “sit back and watch” attitude that seems to be so prevalent and ingrained into our culture. We want our songs to be more than just songs. We want them to be anthems that motivate and activate people into realizing the differences between what truly matters and what doesn’t deserve so much of our attention.

Especially in regards to our way of life as we know it in our country, the great things of this life such as career, cars, houses, and financial prosperity sometimes turn into enslaving “empires”, making us forget about our ultimate goal in this world: To permeate the world around us with the kind of love that will guide us to care more about others than ourselves.

In the end, when measured against this type of selfless love, these empires we so eagerly protect are merely “theories”. Hence the name, “Empire Theory”

What genre would you best identify the band with?

British pop with a hint of classic rock and a dash of European electronica.

What music really influenced you growing up?

I can’t speak for the rest of the guys, but music ranging from the Beatles to Chopin played a large part in my musical development. Interwoven within that broad spectrum is roots reggae from the Wailers and even jazz and jazz standards from the likes of Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, and Glen Miller.

If you could work with one Billboard artist right now who would it be and why?

I think we would work with U2 because of what they stand for. Their music, as fantastic and timeless as it is, has almost taken a back seat to their visionary desires to truly make the world a better place.

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Yes: Watch out for us because we’re going places. But not just the places you would expect rock artists to go to. We’re going places where we are most needed. We’re going places where there is a thirst for positive change and where there is a desperate need for selfless, life-altering love through action. Through our music and our mission, we hope to take you along with us for the ride of your life! 

Thank’s, we look forward to catching your performance!

Empire Theory has teamed up with @Soles4Souls. Trade your shoes for fresh new music at their July 27th show!

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