Artist Development June 29th

mandipaige (1)

Featured Artist From the Artist Development Showcase at High Society Hookah Lounge:

lwLake Worth Long Shots
When to describe their sound they replied with “White Boy Reggae”.                                                        
Orlando based Reggae band almost bordering a punk style of reggae, with musical influences ranging from Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Stick Figure, The b Foundation, Wu-Tang, Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg, Eek a Mouse, Damian Marley, Half Pint, Prince Jammy and Mad Professor, Operation Ivy, to Long Beach Dub Allstars. When we asked the guy’s about the name, why that particular title? “Lake Worth comes from the city we are from and Long Shots just rolls off the tongue when you put it after Lake Worth. Bradley and I started writing music together a few years ago when we moved to Orlando. We’ve been friends since high school. Before moving to Orlando I was in Tallahassee for school and Brad was in Lake Worth. We were both writing music on our own and then when we moved to Orlando we put the music together. We just started playing shows this past March. We waited a awhile because we wanted a drummer before we started doing shows but, that was taking too long so we just started doing acoustic shows to get some experience. We have a drummer now. He will be unveiled soon.”

Press Contact:

Austin Fitzgerald austin has been great. in helping me play shows getting my name out there even giving me a little bit of guidance in my career.
Orlando artist that splits his time between film and music. Austin had this to say about his thought’s on the Orlando Scene “The Orlando scene is what you make of it really. Orlando doesn’t really just give you fans. most people don’t go out looking for bands or just go to the bars looking for shows. you can however engage people and get them to come out it’s just a little harder. like many places the local scene here is more about getting the future fans into the venue.” Developing from his childhood influences which consisted of “the entire third eye blind self titled album. I think the song that made my childhood what it was would be head over heels by tears for fears.” Austin has some interesting methods on promoting show’s outside social media “I offer favors, free beer, first born’s,  sometimes I kidnap peoples pets and ransom them for show tickets. In all reality I hassle people until they buy tickets so they wont hear me bitch anymore.” Nicely said Austin!

jcJai Sativa The Hawaiian Cowboy
Independent hip hop artist flagging down attention with a fresh twist on an old classic. When asked how he felt about indie vs label he responded “I think it really depends on the artist and his or her circumstance. Personally if a major was offering the right amount of revenue, gave me complete creative control, and the right to all masters i wouldn’t have an issue signing. But nowadays the independent scene is more “for sure” and you are in complete control of your destiny as an artist. Without having to shape and mold yourself to please record executives.”With artist that influenced his childhood including Usher( Let it burn), John Legend( Another again) and All of Kenny G he is building a unique sound out of his thought’s and personality to create Jai Sativa The Hawaiian Cowboy!
Press Contact:

Other artist that performed included Never Forever, No Artificial Flavors and CoCo AjnA.

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