Get Struck by: Lovestruck Robot!

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483638_545180238856192_1089463782_nLovestruck Robot, Orlando natives that have come together to ignite a catchy pop/R&b sound that keep capturing audiences attention. Their debut album released in April 2011 titled “I Wanna Be In A Band” surpassed more than 300 bands to win at the Florida Grammy Showcase on opening night of the 2011 Florida Music Festival & Conference. We caught up with lead singer Jace Magee who told us the reason for the name and gave us some updates on their July 27th House of Blues performance:

1.Who is ‘Lovestruck Robot’?hfhyfhfufuy
Jace Magee (vocals), Zsaki Turner (guitar), Anthony Reed (bass), Jeremy James (keys) and Jonathan Parks (drums)
2.Could you tell us more about your band name? The band name was originally something else before Lovestruck robot. Long story short for legal reasons we had to change it. I have always been really into science and robots, and also completely head over hills in love with music. So there u have it. Lovestruck Robot!
3.When and Where did you decide to start this musical endeavor? I’ve been pursuing music hardcore since is was 18 yrs old. This band formed in 2008. We all originally came together to put some cover songs together to land a club gig. We ended up landing the steady club gig, and had mad chemistry. We dabbled with some song writing at first, started messing around in the studio, then just gradually progressed and decided to record an album.
4.As a band who are your Major musical influences? There are so many. Some current ones are Michael Jackson, Justin timberlake, John Mayer, Adam Levine, and Bruno mars. Some classic artists are ewf, al green, Lionel richie, Lenny kravitz, and Marvin Gaye.
5.How would you describe your sound? If u took Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz, and Justin Timberlake and put them in a blender…it would make a Lovestruck Robot smoothie. We’re taking pop/rock and adding soulful R&B/urban elements, but yet keeping it mainstream pop enough to appeal to the masses.
6. Do you have a favorite Fl venue to perform in? Love House of Blues Orlando, and also The Social in downtown Orlando.
7. In 2 word’s describe your live performances? Energetic and blurry (we get zoned out so much when the shows over wee like “wtf just happened?” Lol
8.What’s the last song you downloaded to your playlist?“Clarity” by Zedd one of best written edm songs I’ve ever heard
9. If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be and why? Justin Timerlake. The guy cannot lose. He took what he did with ‘N sync and created longevity for himself and just keeps on maintaining a great level of success.
10.Have any word’s you would like to tell all our reader’s? Look us up on fb, twitter, and hope to see everyone at a show soon! For free tickets to our show at House of Blues Orlando please send an email with your mailing address and number of tickets to it will be worth your while. U can bring all your rotten vegetables from your fridge and throw them at us it u don’t like us. 😉

Thank’s for the Q&A Jace!

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