WERM’s in concert… huh?

mandipaige (1)1001460_605730872785268_1988124731_nNah, not what you’re thinking, more along the lines of the new alt/rock dubstep band emerging on to the Orlando music scene. With a different music style which really has a lot to do with their mix of talents making up WERM including Nate Mullins on drums (far left), Clayton Sturgeon vocals (center) and last but defiantly not least Orlando’s own Joey Parkes (far right) lending his talent on the keys and electronics over to this new musical project known as ‘WERM’. You may recall Joey in the popular o-town band Shut Up and Dance, who was always a blast to work with here at OrlandoBand’s and carried a great show on stage, I know all of us are very interested to see how their performance will go on July 27th at House of Blues for the Stockholm Release party.

I chatted with Clayton about some of the band’s background and of course the band name and here’s what he had to say:

1.Who is WERM? 

Clayton Sturgeon – Vocals/Guitar, Joey Parkes – Keyboards/Electronics,Nate Mullins – Drums

2.How would you define your style?

We are heavily electronic infused alternative rock.

3.How long have you been performing as a band? 

We formed as a band in 2011. Shortly after we signed a deal with Republic Records. Earlier this year we finished our debut record with Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Korn, Three Days Grace) which will be released later this year.

4.Describe your sound in 2 word’s?  The answer

5.’WERM’ what is that an acronym for? Who came up with it?

Step 1: An unspecified amount of unspecified narcotics.

Step 2: 4am on Miami Beach. Not clubs, that actual place with sand.

Step 3: A homeless woman asked for a lighter and if we were from Earth. She claimed to be an alien from the star Hadar that has traveled through space and time.  She then proclaimed that she has seen the future and right now is when everything really matters.

Step 4: When Everything Really Matters = W.E.R.M.

6.What influenced the overall sound and appearance of the band?

EDM and the newest shit on Hadar.

7.Your number one Guilty Pleasure?

We don’t feel guilty for any pleasure we enjoy

8.(fill in the blank) When I was 16 I was….? 

192 months old

9. What is your overall goal for WERM?

To tell people its OK to be who you are and thinking for yourself, rather than just floating through life. Our message is that people shouldn’t be afraid to question government or religion and shouldn’t buy into society’s narrow idea of what’s considered “normal” or “beautiful.”

10.Have any of you been in bands prior to this, if so who?

There was no band before and will be no band after W.E.R.M., it is when everything really matters.

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One Response to WERM’s in concert… huh?

  1. me says:

    I remember joey in shut Up and dance which was our favorite Local band. Then he later Formed bad wolf, so I’m excited to see this show! Why Don’t u just call the band joey?

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