Artist Development Showcase

mandipaige (1)If you weren’t able to check out this month’s showcase then enjoy getting to know our Featured artist from the July 27th Artist Development at High Society Hookah Lounge. Also among the performances: The Grizzly Atoms, Lovacaine and Nekr0naut.

sudden moveSudden Move 

“We try to make things our own, whether music or performance related. Unless you mean in terms of clothes… we just wear jeans and T-shirts.”

For only calling their selves a band a little over 3 months their sound is coming together quickly and with great precision. “Richie and James had wanted to be in a band together since knowing each other in middle and high school. But it was at the beginning of the year they really decided to go for it. So in mid-April they acted on the plans and formed the band in Orlando.”  Contributing major influences to their sound include letlive, Brand New, Foo Fighters, Coheed and Cambria When writing the band said “Richie writes the lyrics, vocal melody and his guitar part. Once he’s happy with the frame of the song, he brings it to James, who provides some input and writes his own parts. Then the two bring the song to the rest of the band.” When asked their thoughts on Label Vs Indie the guys responded by stating “There are pros and cons with both. With indie you can have a more hands-on approach but it’s a lot riskier. If a label approached us, we would probably go with them if they gave us a lot of creative freedom and weren’t very predatory. The fact that we have a concept behind our music requires lots of freedom to control our own image.”  Sudden Move is a band to Watch! give their FB page a stalk

dylan and the flipsDylan Mathews & the Flips

“Blues with a rock attitude”

Formed in 2011 this energetic and inspiring group find’s their major musical influences in Jimi Hendrix , Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower, Doors and Pink Floyd. When asked to describe the band’s sound they told us it was “Hard hitting blues rock, old school guitar” Speaking about their lyrics and songwriting Dylan said “It started with me “Dylan Mathews”, I would write the music and Brian Kinsey would write the lyrics. Now, usually one person will present the beginnings of a song and the others band members will add their own creative inputs.” What has OrlandoBand’s done for you? “Made it easier to interact with other bands, like opening up for each other and show support towards each other.”

429971_244213432339693_97426508_nApache Resistance

“awesome, awesome”

Interesting sound for and interesting band pure curiosity led me to ask what was the idea behind the band name? “Apache Resistance derives from a scene in Inglorious Bastards, where Brad Pitt is explaining the purpose of his special nazi hunting unit “Our battle plan will be that of an Apache Resistance” Keef thought it was a powerful message.  The idea that they were going into Germany to put fear into the monster was something I thought fit us perfectly …”      With the bands first show in 2011 they have gained momenyum and established a spot in the Orlando music scene with a “mix of dirty funk and blues rock with a badass rapper.  Very groove oriented and we get compared to early RHCP, Beastie Boys, and Rage against the Machine. ”                                                                                                                 We asked the guys who is involved in the Lyrics and songwriting of the band, “Each song comes in a different way.  Sometimes I’ll work out a guitar part and approach the guys with it.  Sometimes i’ll hear keef say a phrase that sticks out and i’ll write something around it.  It’s nice to have been workin with someone for as long as I’ve been working with him because we have a sort of understanding.  He just seems to zig left when i need him to zig left.  Gives me the freedom to come up with whatever I wanna do and just let Keef do his thing.  Grant and Jorge are both music junkies.  Jorge is a freak of nature that within 5 seconds of hearing something he knows everything he’s going to.  It’s crazy to see cuz he does this thing with his face which somehow resembles the sounds he’s going to make and you can just tell he knows exactly what the part calls for.  Grant never puts the bass down.  I’ll show him where the chords are and what I would do, and he just plucks away for a day or so and has a part.  The best songs come from jams though.  I used to try to write out the whole things and teach the guys the parts but with the quality of musicians I have now and the chemistry we have, I feel a lot more comfortable coming to the table with something very primitive and let it evolve with what Grant and Jorge do.  There’s just a natural movement to something when it comes to you spontaneously like that and everyone’s feeling it out together.  Keeps it simple and stops you from over thinking things which was a problem that got in the way for me in the past.”


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