Artist Development Showcase

We had a great show with some fantastic act’s at High Society Hookah Lounge! With performances by Taylor Fitzgerald, The Adolescent Theory and Hotsalt with Featured artist including Harbor Point, Chris Erwin and Bryan Boliver Music.

bryanBryan Boliver Music

“…I think the Orlando scene is great.”

Bryan gave such a hit performance last weekend We wanted to know what song’s influenced him growing up? “Thanks to my parents I listened to quite a wide variety of music growing up. From Sting and the Police to Kenny Loggin’s and everything in between.”  What are your thoughts on indie Vs Label? ” I believe they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Independent artists are able to have a much more personal relationship with their fans. An indie artist also is given a certain freedom with creative choices and strategies. I think there is still a place for record labels. I feel that certain genres are better suited for labels. Typically pop, country, Christian, and hip-hop seem to do very well with what record labels can offer. With large financial backing comes widespread acceptance of artists. If someone hears a band on the radio enough, chances are they will like the music overtime. Record labels offer somewhat of a ubiquitous presence and there is a power in that.”

chrisChris Erwin

“…so I just have fun writing and performing.”

This pop/acoustic artist has an interesting way to move ticket’s: “I like to play “side-walk” shows. I’ll play in a busy area (usually Park Ave., Winter Park) and instead of accepting tips from people, I’ll sell tickets to them. Selling them at random open-mics work pretty well too.” How would you say OrlandoBand’s has helped you? “ has been great about everything they do. They throw out offers for me to perform shows and I can pick and choose which ones I want to do. They provide everything needed for the shows (tickets, promotion, sound equipment, etc.). And they’re just really nice people who seem to really care about helping artists reach their goals.”

harbor pointHarbor Point

Party Music!!

Curious about the band name so we asked where they came up with it and he responded: “we named the band after a neighborhood that we used to pick up fat dime sacks from lol”-brian neel (guitar/vocals)”. Harbor Point has been active for a few year’s but as added new members recently with major musical influences including Sublime, Nirvana, Green Day, Bush, Offspring and much more. “I don’t believe ones genre should be limited and I try to incorporate all my influences into this band” Brian Neel

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