say hello to ‘Lucy Iris’

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We had the chance to catch up with international recording artist and singer songwriter with a jazz flare Lucy Iris. Who performed in Celebration this past Saturday at The Countdown to Christmas with Ryan Cabrera showcasing such a vintage quality in her voice that passer bys had to stop just to see who was responsible for filling the air with such powerhouse vocals. I truly could only compare her style to that of Amy Winehouse and Emeli Sande. She has a combination voice really categorized only as ‘Lucy Iris’!
162864_100471193362421_3619415_nWhat genre do you most identify your musical style with?
Pop, big band, jazz, and soul
Are You native to central, Florida?
I was born Jacksonville Florida and lived there for the first 18 years of my life
Do you have a venue you like over all the rest you’ve performed in?
As far as big venues goes the best was my first gig ever. I opened up for Vince Gill at the age of 15 at Silver springs park to a crowd of 35,000. I almost fainted when I saw the crowd! I love my local gigs and my fans are the best! I play every Tuesday in College park at a great place called Ollies Public House and they are like family to me there.
How would you like to be remember in the music society?
Pure and relentless. I know music goers know when you love what you do. I don’t play music for the money. I play music for the way it makes me feel inside. I have never stopped playing music and I never will. It’s not how big the stage is its how big your love is. My love for music carries me from song to song, stage to stage, day to day and year to year.
Is there a certain song(s) or place that inspires you musically?
Usually around the holidays I listened to a lot of Frank Sinatra when I was younger. I love the cool air, the parties, and the sleeping mystery of winter. It makes me reflect on the the past year and a lot of songs spring from that for me.
What music really influenced you growing up?
 I obsessively sang Mariah Carey when I was a kid. My favorite is a song called Vanishing.
If you could work with one Billboard artist right now who would it be and why?
A great big world! They are excellent songwriters! I would love to sing one of there songs. Man are they raw emotional and direct!
Is there anything you would like to tell all of our reader’s?
If I haven’t sang to you yet I hope you come find me because I can’t wait to sing to you. Find me on Facebook
Thank’s Lucy!


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