Ryan Cabrera…New Music and no pants!

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8367156911_60cfe40d38Just encase you need a reminder Ryan Cabrera first hit the scene with ‘One The way down’ in 2004 followed with a series of pop hits including ‘True’, ’40 kinds of sadness’ and ‘Shine On’. We chatted with Ryan before his acoustic performance oddly enough the backdrop was the Hello Kitty stores party room but regardless of the overwhelming pink and white decor  Ryan was an absolute blast to speak with!

How are you enjoying the Orlando area?
“Oh I love Orlando, this is one of my favorite places to be.”
How would you say your style or approach to music has changed or progressed over the past decade?                                                                “Well, I would hope to think I’e gotten better as a song writer. For me it’s about getting better has a song writer uh and writing and writing . I probably wrote over 150 songs for this new album and it’s been over the past 6 years writing and recording and going back and throwing everything out. I wrote, wrote and wrote and then a year ago I wrote the song ‘I se love’ on the album, when I wrote that song I threw everything out and just went from there. It’s kinda singer songwriter but its all really fun and it’s pretty positive for this record not too much heartbreak.”

What inspires you the most or would really be the backbone of your music?
“For this record it’s really all about love and trying to make the best of things and uh trying to look around and instead of looking at things negatively trying to find the good side and go from there. I mean even the break ups are light and good.”
How would you describe your music in two words?
“uh… hmmm describe my music in two words… I would say fun… Sexy Fun!”
Now. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to ask this or not.
“You can ask whatever you want.”
Ok, what is the craziest or oddest thing that has happened to you while performing?
“At any time?”
Yeah anytime!
“I did a show in Texas one weekend with more of the college kids and I just happened to be wearing those snap away pants and this girl tugged at my pants and ripped them right off right in the middle of a song and I just kept playing. That was in my younger years. Yupp she got the tear-aways!”
“I’ve also eaten shitt on stage, I used to do that kick play thing where you would jump over your leg, I was just joking around and I just clipped my leg and went straight down, it was pretty funny!  securedownload (7)
I love hearing those kinds of stories.
“Yeah, Though a lot of people would get embarrassed or make a big deal, I just laugh about those interesting things that happen on stage! I’ve broke 3 strings in one song and really just trying to play with 3 strings and it makes you a better performer the more bad experiences you have.”
Is there anything you would like to tell all our reader’s I haven’t touched on?
” Well I’m just so excited to actually put out new music, ‘cus everybody is thinking, why aren’t you putting out music? Why aren’t you putting out music? I’m just trying to put out the best record I can, not just put something out there just because. It’s taken 6 years but I’m really looking forward to people actually getting to hear the music!”
When can we expect the new album out?
“hmm Probably around early March.”
Alright Thank You so much for your time Ryan!
“My Pleasure!”

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