New To the Scene…

mandipaige (1)“If it wasn’t weird, wacky, insane and different this project would never exist.”

1313184373_Ryan_s_Ball_Room2Check out the new release from Folk/indie rock band Ryan’s Ballroom that has brought us a creative new project with a distinctively individualistic record. Band member’s Ryan, Mat, Scott and Mike give us an oldies twist even in the way the recording is done creating a lite rock underground record.  This is great for fans of ‘Of Monsters and Men’, and classics including ‘Paul McCartney’ and ‘Traveling Wilburys’.

our Q&A with Mat:

How would you describe this album?  This album is a very fun album it takes the quirkiness of been serious And that’s the fun were an artist can be an artist and have the freedom to write and perform the way an artist should Without the pressures of a big company telling an artist what to do
How long did you work on the album?  This album took four months in the studio
It was a studio album we were trying ago for that back underground sound that’s a little different
Trying to stay away from the big commercial sounding but still keeping an underground pop indie rock sound
What genre or style would you consider it? indie rock
Describe your style in 2 words?  happy dark 
Do you have any upcoming Otown performances?  Not at this time
But when shows come up we’ll let you know
Thanks Guy’s, and we look forward to seeing some performance dates in the Orlando Area!
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