January Artist Showcase

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We welcome ‘2014’ with amazing talents which is always the sign of an Awesome year to come. With performances by artist including Ben Cook, Casey Conroy, Go 80, All Hell and The Nazarene & the One Us Band!

casetcCasey Conroy

_talented 15 year old singer-songwriter TO WATCH!!_

What had OrlandoBands.com done for you?In addition to including me in shows, Orlando Bands has featured me in a couple of their newsletters, which I am very grateful for, as well as making me their “Music Crush” Monday J What are your thoughts on ‘indie vs label’? As of right now for the beginning of my career I’m thinking definitely indie.  I love the creative freedom and control that comes with it.  My music is so important to me so when it comes to it I can be a control freak.  However, after my EP is finished and I have really established myself as an artist and the kind I want to be, a label could be an amazing thing.  So I guess, I’ll just have to see how everything plays out.Do you have any 551085_691901840862437_1659110174_n Funny/Dramatic Show Experiences? Well, at the last Orlando Bands show I played at High Society, the microphone fell off my stand onto my keyboard while I was playing, which was pretty funny.  I haven’t really had many funny or dramatic show experiences though, not yet anyways, but I’m sure there are plenty to come. Who are some local bands you would like to play with or enjoy playing?I love playing with The Edge Effect, they are amazingly talented guys and are also super funny and awesome to be around.  I have had the opportunity of playing with some other great artists as well such as Ciaran Carmichael and Aidan Rivera (and Fernando Varela soon, which I can’t wait!). What songs influenced you from your early childhood? I remember when I was really little, after putting me to bed, my Dad used to put a Phil Collins CD into to my CD player with the song I’ve Forgotten Everything, and I used to fall asleep to it every night.  I think there I really started to fall in love with music.  Plus, my dad used to play his own songs a lot around our home so early on I had an appreciation for songwriting.  Songs that influenced my current style, however, hadn’t really come about until I was around 12, and I was old enough to comprehend the idea of a “style” per say.  Then it was songs by artists like Adele.   http://www.iamcaseyconroy.com/


goGo 80  

We caught up with the band’s Drummer Franco Campanello who answered some vital questions for us!

“There IS NO other choice. Go 80 is terminally infected with a disease called music for which there is no cure.”

What has OrlandoBands.com done for you? We are very new to Orlandobands.com and have only played one showcase so far which was an awesome experience for us & provided us with some much needed Promotional pictures. Who are some of the local bands you would like to play with, or enjoy playing with? Since we are a band comprised of season musicians spanning some 30 plus years we would like to play with well-established rock bands well rooted in the a circuit clubs in central Florida. What do you think of the Orlando Scene, and if you don’t like it, what would you do to it? The Orlando scene from what we see is very diverse & full of talent. The only thing we would like to see is more clubs investing in house PA systems which will cut down set up time for bands & give the clubs a more consistent sound from band to band. –Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? As a matter of fact we do. We are probably the only Band in all of Central Florida with a downloadable app which can be downloaded to your Ipad or Android device. Just go to Appcatch.com and search for Go 80 band. Scan the QR code and download to your smartphone device. What songs would say influenced you the most growing up?Beatles, Stones, Clapton, Jaco Pastorius, Rush, Van Halen… The list goes on & on.


 1551600_691900667529221_254795933_nAll Hell

“Fast and heavy”

 Can you tell us about your band name? 
The name All Hell is a reference to “all hell breaking loose” and it’s supposed to represent the chaos and wild energy we hope to portray in our music and our live performances. How long have you been performing as a band? We’ve actually only been playing shows for a few months now.
What has really influenced your music the most? Mosh pits and booze. Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experience?
Since we are pretty new to playing shows there haven’t been any yet but I’m sure there are many to come in the future.
Who writes the Lyrics, is it a group effort?
The lyrics are definitely a group effort. Someone comes up with a concept for a song and we all throw around ideas and put it together. And How would you say OrlandoBands has helped you?
They’ve given us a great opportunity to perform for new people and have really helped get our name out to people who wouldn’t know who we are otherwise. 

nThe Nazarene & the One Us Band

 “OrlandoBands Ben Gardner is a great help! Just started working with them, positive vibes all the way… “

How would you describe the band name?Now is The Nazarene & the One Us Band, the name ‘one us’ has bin in effect since 1982 when i founded it in New Orleans, Louisiana where i resided at the time, through many different members and time away from ‘one us’ to perform as a solo artist known as the ‘Nazarene’, the ‘one us’ now has all new members in the last few months yet the theme is still the same as in 1982. For those that have not heard the band before how would you define your sound? spiritual roots reggae is what we play..Nazarene Christ lyrics for all nations. What is your style, in two words? Dubb Style  Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experience?    I was playing in a club with ‘one us’ and the police entered… I was told, I was so into playing I never saw them! How would say OrlandoBands has helped you?  OrlandoBands Ben Gardner is a great help! Just started working with them, positive vibes all the way..HAS already helped a lot with our photo shoot..one love from the Nazarene..

bencBen Cook

What do you think of the Orlando Scene, and if you don’t like it, what would you do to: I think the Orlando scene is full of talent—couldn’t ask for better people to be performing with. What are you thoughts indie vs. label? I think it depends on the artist and the artist’s goals. Indie music has become a lot bigger due to sites like BandCamp and so forth, so it’s great for people making and marketing their own music. The advantage of being on a label, though, is that there’s a division of labor (marketing team, producer, etc.) that is almost impossible to get going only the indie route. Please share a funny/dramatic show experience you have had. A sort of painful, but maybe retrospectively funny show experience I had was this: I was playing a set and my guitar kept coming out of tune, in addition to the fact that my voice was sore. So the set was already botched, but got worse when I had to hit this note at the peak of my range at the climax of a song and it went painfully flat—I could see the cringe on people’s faces. Probably funny to have seen, not too funny for it to have happened to. What has OrlandoBands.com done for you?They’ve helped me get more exposure, more experience, and allowed me to play with a lot of awesome local bands. Who are some of the local bands you would like to play with, or enjoy playing with?There’s this really cool electro-progressive dance duo that doesn’t have enough exposure called ‘Svine und Strusel’. I’d love to perform with them some time. If anyone’s interested: youtube.com/svineundstrusel. If music wasn’t a choice, what would you be doing?Well I’m probably going to graduate school for philosophy this fall, so that’s my other passion. It’s always a balancing act. What songs influenced you the most from you childhood? Probably ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ by U2 and ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson. 

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