Dylan Mathews & The Flips

mandipaige (1)“Hard hitting blues rock, old school guitar” 

dylan mathewsStrange Weather: The new album from veteran rockers; Dylan Mathews, Brian Kinsey, Gary Bulldawg, Wink Pelkey, Bernie Lindsey. Although the band itself is still in the fresh stages of its musical life the members have years of combined experience clearly presented in Strange Weather. When speaking to the band they told us their major musical influences were Jimi Hendrix , Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower, Doors and Pink Floyd which are not hidden in this CD. With the help of MixMonsterz they created 15 track’s covering their wide range of skills, just an overall good album but already has a ‘classic’ aspect to it, you have that feeling when an old song comes on the rock station when you’re listening to their CD. I really took a preference to “Demon in a Bottle”and “Ride High” but really there’s a song that I’m pretty certain most rock lovers will enjoy!

Check out the Band live at: April 5, 2014 3rd Annual Delandapalooza Original Music & Art Festival

Dylan Mathews & the Flipshttp://www.dylanmathewsandtheflips.com/Home.php

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One Response to Dylan Mathews & The Flips

  1. Thank you Mandi.
    Ticket Sales http://ssa.cc/tickets.htm
    3rd Annual Delandapalooza Original Music & Art Festival
    Enter our name in the “Enter Band Referral”, present ticket stub at the show to receive $5 off CD.
    Time – 7:15pm

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