Artist Showcase: Featured Artist

Oceanstone One the amazing performances this past February at High Society Hookah Lounge for the Artist Development Showcase. I had the chance to ask them a little about the band and their overall project last week and this is what they had to say!

oceanstone“Our sound as we like to describe it,  Gulf Coast/ Reggae/ Rock.”.

How would you describe your band name? Oceanstone, Ocean symbolizing the roots/ reggae aspect of our music,  and Stone for the hardness of our music, the rock and metal influences. How long have you been playing together? We have been playing as a band going on 4 years now. Who would you say are your major musical influences?Some major musical influences of ours would have to be … Sublime, 311, Tribal Seeds, Fortunate youth, Bob Marley, Fiji, MOE, Phish, Grateful Dead, and Slayer. Just to name a few. Why did you really want to start this project? The Reason We started this band was to start creating original music. We were already out playing cover songs at the time, and thought lets take this into a different direction.
Could tell us about the song writing process? we typically start to write our songs when someone has an idea for melody or riff ect. Then we take it to the band an start to build it together. If we like it we keep it if not, we move on to the next one.What are some of the ways that you spread the word about the band and upcoming show? besides social media and flyers, I honestly think word of mouth is one of the best way to promote.
 One thing I would like to tell the readers is go shoot over to our FB page and give us a listen and a Like!


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