Band of the Month: Tef London

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Orlando Weekly – Best Punk Act 2013                                                                                               Orlando Weekly – Best Ska/Reggae Act 2012                                                                              Orlando Weekly – Best Ska/Reggae Act 2011

1452398_198641243654321_1305403090_nThe talented female-fronted ska band features a unique flavor of swing with the excitement of the big band era. Founded by Florida musicians Jenny Morrison (Bass) and Chris King (former Trumpet) in 2010. Currently the band consist of Jenny Morrison Bass & Lead Vocals,  Aaron Lingelbach on Guitar/Vocals, Charles Camisa hitting the Drums, Justin Diaz on Trumpet/Vocals, Luis Saavedra with Tenor Sax/Vocals, Corey Paul on Trombone/Vocals, and Angel Santiago on the Bari Sax/Vocals.                                                                                                                                               With sold out shows across the state Tef London gives a memorable performance playing a mix of original and covers blending their ska style with swing, punk, and dixieland. So direct your attention below and Check out what Bass player and lead vocalist Jenny Morrison had to tell us…

BTW … Follow the band on twitter @teflondonska

What advice would you give to other artist/bands trying to get momentum1395144_198641346987644_42908731_n in the industry? Momentum is subjective. It’s more important to stay true to your values than get yourself exposure.

What have you done in the past year that you would say has definitely helped your project grow? Being choosy about our shows- it’s something we’ve always done, but we try not to play very often in the same city. Once every few months at most. It makes it an event and it doesn’t over-saturate the scene.

Can you tell us about your band title? If this question is referring to our band name, Tef London is a play on words with Teflon Don.

Who writes the Lyrics, is it a group effort? I write most of the lyrics, and I try to pull from life experiences that aren’t just my own, but from the other band members themselves; struggles they’ve experienced in relationships and with their careers, sticking up for what’s right and so on.

What is the last song you played in your car? “Coyote” by the Mad Caddies

Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? Of course, I think it’s really important to get out there and simply have a conversation. It allows you to get feedback from fans- what they like about local shows, what venues they prefer, what they look for in a band. Someone is more likely to remember your show if you take the time to talk to them about music than if you simply hand them a flyer or post something on Facebook. Everyone gets hundreds of invites to things on Facebook every week. Who has time to look through all those?

What genre would you really describe the band as? We’re a ska band with punk and swing influences.

Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s about upcoming events or new tracks? Check out our new music video:


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