FMF performers : Idyllic Descent

mandipaige (1)1975012_280086815489183_1758176396_nFemale fronted central Florida alternative rock band, consisting of Jackie Ramieri – Lead Vocals, Rob Pescatore – Guitar, David Bisaccia – Bass and David Hindman – Drums.                                                                   We caught up with band this week as they prepare for their performance at the Florida Music Festival on the 25th.

How would you Define your band name?   Rob Pescatore: We see the name Idyllic descent as a juxtaposition of positive and negative. Things are going down, but you have to enjoy it on your own terms while it lasts.

How long have you been performing as a band? Rob Pescatore: Idyllic Descent as a band has existed for almost two years. However, the current lineup that has really brought the band to life has been together since October, 2013.

Major musical influence’s? Jackie Ramieri: Stone Temple Pilots / Smashing Pumpkins / Audio Slave / Alice in Chains

Describe your sound? Jackie Ramieri: I like to think we have a pretty unique sound. We’ve tried to blend some of that 90’s alternative sound that we as a band love with a modern distinction. Strong female vocals + thoughtful lyrics + unique musical styling

Why did you want to start this group? Rob Pescatore: Music has been a part of my life since grade school; chorus, marching band, jazz band. I started a punk band in the 7th grade and since then I’ve been hooked. Idyllic Descent started when I met David Bisaccia, the bass player, who has a similar background. Once we realized we shared a passion for music, we started writing original tunes.

Do any of you have a crazy /dramatic show experience you have had. Jackie Ramieri: I was playing a show in Volusia County a few years ago and this guy jumps on stage, puts his face in my mic and starts singing. He was singing along with me to an original he didn’t know the words to then he just grabbed the mic! Club security had to get him off the stage.  

How does the band write the songs? Jackie Ramieri: It’s a collaborative effort. Rob writes amazing instrumental pieces and works with David to fill out the sound. I add the vocal melody and lyrics. “Long Way Down” was rewritten in the studio, on the spot after it was arranged. We wrote the lyrics together that night, which was a great experience.   

Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s?

Rob Pescatore: Support local music! If you hear a band you really like, follow them. As for Idyllic Descent, we are trying to take the listeners and the crowd on a journey. For the time we’re onstage we want them to be completely absorbed by the mood, the energy and feelings our music evokes. Instead of single serving songs, we want the overall experience to be something to be remembered.



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