Nightmare and the Cat

mandipaige (1)nightmaregeneralpressUnique twist on a vintage style of rock with pop undertones. This LA based band named after a track  brothers (founding members) Sam and Django  both really adored by artist Anthony Harwood. Formed in 2010 they are forging together a collection of feelings and melodies that create a cool style of rock’n roll. This past weekend I caught up with Sam Stewart as we spoke about the band’s new album and how it feels supporting the Neon Trees tour this summer hitting Orlando May 27th at the Hard Rock:

What was your biggest overall inspiration when writing and creating this album?

umm the biggest inspiration, family, friends and, relations, I don’t know a lot to do with inter relations between my brother and I.

How would you describe the bands style and sound?we’re a rock band we like 1459338_781025018579750_1433452985_nto write catchy melodies a pop/rock sound and a 60’s 70’s inspired, Django and I have very different musically inspirations as well.

What track on your album are most excited to perform on tour?

Well, the single ‘undercover’ its the newest, it’s fresh, fun and one of the more difficult songs.

 What was your first reaction when you found you would be opening for Neon Trees? ohhh! Really excited. this tour is so long we’ve never been on a tour that long tumblr_n2x34mFSvL1qdh4yao1_500before so yeah Excited!

What song has the most personal meaning? hmm I suppose ‘Simple’, although we’re not playing that one in the set.

Anything extra you would like to tell our Reader’s? We have never played a show in Florida , we are are looking forward to seeing everyone and being there maybe seeing a Gator!

Thank’s so much Sam, we look forward to the show!

Nightmare and the Cat on youtube:

Check out Last Call with Carson Daly

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