April Artist Development Showcase

We had a stand out of amazing performers this past showcase at High Society Hookah Lounge. The Orlando performers including Kids Without Heroes, Absolon, Vertebreaker, The Vivid and Life Obsolete.

loLife Obsolete:


Life Obsolete comes from the simple fact that it does not matter what you do or have in your life, we are all going to die. Your big house and your fancy car will be irrelevant some day. Our graves will all be the same size. How long have you been performing as a band?  We have only played 2 shows so far, we have been a full band for about 4 months now. Things have been moving quickly for us.                                                                                             Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? Yes we do. We have business cards and demos that we pass out. Also word of mouth goes a long way as well. We enjoy talking with fans and try to get to know everyone we meet at shows. What has really influenced your music the most? Listening to many different genres and styles of music and not limiting ourselves to a specific sound. Who writes the Lyrics, is it a group effort?  Our singer Yves Denert writes the lyrics. We focus on writing new material, then presenting full songs to him at rehearsal.

How would you say OrlandoBand’s has helped you? Photo shoots, promoting, show offers and exposure leads to gaining more fans.



Jack Connor – Lead Vocals, Ryan Cowell – Guitar, Greg Summers – Guitar,                   Rod Bobo – Bass/Vocals, Steven Blase – Drums/Vocals

When we were first starting out, we were having a hard time coming up with a name for our band that we all liked. Our singer, Jack, is a big pro wrestling fan, and he mentioned that “the vertebreaker” was the name of a finishing move that was eventually banned because it was too dangerous. We loved the sound of it, because we thought it was a very cool play on words and had a lot of attitude behind it!                                          Describe your sound in two word’s ☺? Hard Rock. While that might sound simple and generic, there have been so many different sounds that rock music has incorporated throughout its history, that being “just a rock band” gives us quite a bit of freedom to do just about whatever we want musically, provided that at the end of the day, we’re still a rock band.       What has really influenced your music the most? We all have our own personal favorites, but from day one we wanted to be a hard rock band that, while maintaining a modern, mainstream feel, also had a wider appreciation for rock music of all eras. We all grew up listening to classic rock, and we are huge fans of the history of rock and roll, but we never wanted to be a nostalgia act, nor do we want to try and desperately chase current trends either; we want to continue to pay attention to all the great rock bands of yesterday and today, all while moving forward and carving out a unique sound of our own.  Who writes the Lyrics, is it a group effort? So far, Jack writes most of the lyrics, although all of us contribute to the music. We’re lucky to have several guys in the band who are songwriters, rather than just have it be the same one or two guys all the time.                                         Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? One of the coolest things that has happened to us right off the bat was WJRR playing our first single “Backstabber” on Sunday nights, as part of their Native Noise show, hosted by Supa Dave! Also, a few of our friends have been getting into podcasting, and that’s been a really good way of promoting ourselves as a whole. As far as upcoming shows, our website, http://www.vertebreaker.net, is linked in to all our social media, and is a great way to stay updated on all our upcoming shows. Since we’ve been beginning to expand into the Orlando market, we would love to get more acquainted with organizations like Full Sail University, which is full of talented, creative people who specialize in various forms of media. Nowadays, when going viral is as huge as it is, we’re really eager to explore all the multimedia options out there in order make a unique brand for ourselves, while finding a way to share our music with as many people as possible.                                                                                                     How would you say OrlandoBand’s has helped you? We had a blast playing the Artist Showcase at High Society Hookah Lounge in Winter Park, and we loved how our photo shoot turned out! We’re very grateful that you guys took the time to interview us and feature us in your magazine and on your website! We’re pretty new to the Orlando scene (we’re mainly based in Melbourne), but we are thrilled to be working with OrlandoBands to help establish Vertebreaker in this town. Orlando has always been a great area for our kind of music, and we have a blast every time we play in this area. We’re sure that OrlandoBands will be a great way for us to keep making a name for ourselves as much as we can, while networking and getting to know more of Orlando’s other great local artists!


 on Twitter @VertebreakerFL


vividThe Vivid 

 spacey punk...”

 Can you tell us about your band name? It’s a reflection on the type of performance we always strive to achieve in live and recorded sessions. How long have you been performing as a band? We have gone through quite a few drummers, but we’ve been playing together now for four years.  What has really influenced your music the most? I would have to say emotion. We’re acutely aware of how our emotions are affected by everyday life, and the band gives us a chance to let a wide variety of them out.  Do any of you have a crazy/dramatic show experience? In late 2012, our drummer quit with a couple of shows left to play. I had to play drums on a set that was missing half of its hardware. One specific show had the whole set scooting forward every time I used the kick drum and everybody just stood and watched as I contorted my body to reach it.  Who writes the lyrics? Is it a group effort? Usually the person who initially came up with the song idea has lyrics attached already.Besides social media and flyers, do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows? Not really. If anything, promotion is where we need the most work. We use most or our free time either practicing or crafting our style. How would you say OrlandoBand’s has helped you? They’ve given us opportunities to play to new crowds and audiences outside of our genre and style. For a young band looking to find their audience, this is a crucial thing. The pictures are neat, too. 

The Vivid 



Kids without Heroes








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