BAND of the MONTH: Akazia

FBBand of the month JuneSay Hello to ‘Akazia‘! Female-fronted Popcore band straight out of Orlando, Fl. The band started writing a collection of songs together back in 2013 which soon became part of the bands set list, Now a five-piece act and ready to take the spotlight this Summer!

1557696_246090312249471_25204906097287315_nHi guys! We’re Akazia! We are a five piece band from Orlando! We have Hannah on vocals, Rene on lead guitar, Matt on rhythm guitar, Josh on bass, and Mercy on drums.

What advise would you give to other artist/bands trying to get momentum in the industry? Our advice to other bands in the industry is to support other local bands! If you support them, they’ll support you! It’s a great way to help each other make it in the business! It’s also important to promote your band; Hand out business cards everywhere, talk to people, post flyers, utilize resources like facebook, twitter, instagram ect… and make a website!  

What have you done in the past year that you would say has defiantly helped your project grow?Well, we started this band within the last year…so that really helped! (Haha!) In all seriousness, we’ve practiced as much as possible, completed professional recordings of our music with the help of Venture Studios run by KC, played as many shows as possible, and also found the perfect members for the band!

Can you tell us about your band title?Our band name is actually derived from the word ‘acacia’, which is the name of a tree. We played with the spelling and eventually agreed on Akazia.

Who writes the Lyrics, is it a group effort? So far Hannah has written all the lyrics for our songs. She wrote the lyrics for our song “alone” several years ago. They have all been drawn from personal experiences in Hannah’s life.   

What is the last song you played in your car? We all listen to a wide array of music, from Rock, to R&B, Classical, Rap, and everything under the sun. Rene can’t stop raving about the new Black Keys album, while Mercy grooves to some old school Eminem, and Sum 41. Josh also enjoys multiple genre’s, but really enjoys Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens.

Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows?We strongly believe in the old school method of building a grass roots base. Talking to as many people as possible and word of mouth are important ways to get people out there. Who knows? A friend could be a very motivating catalyst for finding great local bands.   

What genre would you really describe the band as?Matt affectionately calls us Pop-Core. Akazia is without a doubt a Rock band. It’s hard to specify too much further than that though. We all have so many influences, and don’t want to be restricted by the “stamp” of the all mighty genre. It’s hard to say where future albums may take us.  

Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s about upcoming events or new tracks?There is a lot of exciting new things coming up in the works. Physical hard copies of our first 6 song EP This is Personal will be available for sale in the next month. We are competing in the Ernie Ball Warped Tour Battle of the Bands competition. You can visit to and cast a vote! The Haven is hosting Grunge Fest on June 20th, which will be our first show back as a 5 piece! We are also planning on playing a new song for the first time there. Thanks again for everyone that has helped us a long the way so far, and Orlando Bands for selecting us as band of the month!  


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