The Rising Suns: EP Review

avatars-000089992467-wjs5y5-t500x500Truthfully I had never heard of this band before and sometimes that’s the best way to be when hearing new music, no walls to confine your thinking.

Kill Me‘ ( the EP title) you can’t run away from the punk roots, in Track 2 ‘When the Bomb Starts to Fall‘ I felt as though this was a 90’s grunge anthem and I was in the pit! Track 3 ‘The Corner of Mimosa and Cherokee‘ also had a hard punk rock melody but very a strong chorus. My personal choice was Track 4 ‘Colorwork‘, they showcased a different level of vocal work and musical composition while still creating a solid piece of work!

The Rising Suns is an Orlando based punk band with rock influences (from what I can hear) so if you like Green Day, The Offspring or Sum 41 you’ll probably be a big fan!

To check out their music click on over to  SoundCloud: http//


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