mandipaige (1) 10325761_865036550179913_6919734839061711773_n  Bellows, is a Florida grown band formed in 2010 ( Greyson Charnock: guitar, vocals, synth, Patrick Dunn: bass, keyboard, Sean Boyle: percussion) with their own ideas on sound mixing together ambient, folk, experimental & indie was just a fitting style.         The band has teased us with four 4 songs off of their upcoming LP Day Changer:  “The Path”, “Small Wonder”, “Paper Trail” and “The Window” and while each song has such amazing instrumental qualities and an ear for arrangement I really loved the vibe of10533207_895429110473990_2096807474442727164_n-2  Small Wonder, the melodies in this track just forced me to continue listening I don’t know … but it was like a story and I needed to hear the rest of it!

Now, I could sit here and compare them to similar artist that Yes they do have characteristic sounds of, like; Of Monsters and Men The Lumineers, but this band has a musical ambiance of there very own and needs to be defined as the ‘Bellows‘!

Bellows1You can see them live @ Ybor City, Fl on Oct 4th…  To learn more click on over to:

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