Nick and Knight Tour 10/21

mandipaige (1)This act is made up of the nostalgic boy band duo ‘ Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys‘ and ‘ Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block‘ who have collaborated on a tour that can only be defined as the most fun you could have with pop music in one night.

nickandknightThe Plaza Live ( one of my favorite Orlando venues) gave us the opportunity to cover last nights concert of the Nick and Knight show. Walking in I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show to be honest, but from their opening performances with such high energy, precision dancing and contagious pop hits including their new single ‘WOO-HOO‘ I was certain this concert had set the scene for a great night.

The guy’s gave a pretty strong set showcasing their album with powerhouse vocals and 10473776_754819851267392_7532560402901084750_nkeeping up with the audience.  The guy’s turned down the volume for a few tracks and performed acoustically including doing the Backstreet Boys hit ‘I want It that Way‘.

Half way through the concert Nick and Jordan mixed up the environment turning the Plaza into a house party  by doing a mix of hits from the 90’s including Will SmithGetting Jiggy with it‘ and Sisqos thong song‘.

Closing the evening it really would not have been complete for all of us if the guy’s didn’t do this, with a salute to NKOTB Hangin’ Tough and of course Backstreet BoysLarger Than Life, the fans nearly blew the roof off the joint for these two.                                                                                                                         CAM00031-1These guy’s are veteran performers who truly love their fans 🙂 Nick and Jordan as well as their fabulous band somehow mixed two generations of music and  a brand new album. Well Done!

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