SloFunkPump update!

Hello out there! We did you all a favor just for your enjoyment and checked up on SloFunkPump who we reviewed back in September with his indie-jazz album Microphone:   

10665901_10152783003250864_1952782756742674157_nDo you have any new tracks or videos coming out ? The new record “Microphone” is a must hear.  Check it and get it fo’ free @!!!!  Video for “Red Dress Of Reba” is soon come.  We shoot next week.

What advise would you give to other artist trying to gain momentum in the industry?

I’m not sure I’m qualified to give advice on “momentum” considering I’m rocking it at about a 100 plays online for my new album.  Further, my goal is to avoid the “industry” at all costs :))  Fuck the police!!! Lol…But, one thing that we did with this record is expand the website to contain the SloFunkMag which can be updated regularly.  I think it’s important to have a website that isn’t stagnant and to create a presence online that is as creative and fun as the music.

What have you done recently that you would say has definitely helped your project grow?

Well, a month or so ago I connected with OrlandoBands.  That’s been cool, even if just to create a dialogue about my musical career.  Ben’s cool and he really is into doing what he does.  Also, I remember hearing a story about how promoters and club owners don’t really want to hear directly from the musician.  If someone’s the real deal, it would make sense that one other person on the earth is interested in moving the music out to a greater audience.  So, for this record, I’ve ass-backwardly put together a bit of a team — through teary-eyed groveling and bribery haha.  I now have a friend, Corey, who creates movie-style commercials for my shows.  Domskii helps out with website design and shooting music videos — she’s a cutie fyi.  Nowadays, these friends don’t even need to be local.  If only I can find some band members!  Anyone play bass, drums, or keys? :)) 

What is the last song you played in your car?

I was listening to Sirius radio and someone was playing a live cover of Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”.  I think the dude is talented and the music was good.  But, I wasn’t sure why it needed to be a cover of Green Day since the whole rhythm and cadence was different.  Sounded more like an original with cover lyrics. 

Besides social media and flyers, do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows?

I wish!  Whatever happened to word of mouth?  Wtf. 

What genre would you really describe the band as?


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