Mai Tai Rumble 2014!

mandipaige (1)We are Looking back at the Mai Tai Rumble ‘2014’ which brought together the best of Central Florida artist. The Rumble is of course about helping the best local bands take their sounds to a wider audience and giving them the opportunity to be heard and seen.

Mai-Tai-LogoWe tracked down some of the rumble champs including Corrupting Dylan, The Irie Trio, GREYE and The Cog is Dead to hear their thoughts on Mai Tai:

How long have you been performing as a band?  “It was fun. Great to see other good bands playing.” The Irie Trio,   1 1/2 years” Corrupting Dylan, “The band formed in 2006 and has been performing shows regularly since 2012” The Cog is Dead, “2 years” GREYE.

What were your thoughts on the Mai Tai Rumble?  It was fun. “Great to see other corrgood bands playing.” The Irie Trio, “A lot of fun…Good competition…great learning experience…people really seem to dig it!!!” Corrupting Dylan, “We had a great time performing with all the other bands.  It was fast, fun and a great experience.” The Cog is Dead, “The Mai Tai Rumble was definitely cool to play. It’s always nice to see what all the local acts in our area bring to the musical table. It was one of our more intimate shows but was fun nonetheless.” GREYE.

 Do you have any new music we can expect?  “of course, we’re always doing something new.” The Irie Trio,Yes…We are working on originals” Corrupting Dylan, “We’re currently recording a new album, our third, to be released in 2015″ The Cog is Dead, Yes, Greye will be releasing a Christmas single December 1st (free download at and our second CD in the early Spring of 2015.” GREYE.

 10624719_10152260677822131_2940947663621374714_nHow would you describe your music to our readers in one word? “Roots.” The Irie Trio, We pride ourselves on not being stuck in one genre…play a little bit of everything that everyone can Rock to, but always like to end our shows with high energy and a little on the heavy side.” Corrupting Dylan, “Fun! ”  The Cog is Dead, “MAGIC, Everything about our music is magical; the way we came together, the way we write our music, and the music itself.” GREYE.

 What is your number one song on your playlist right now?  “Badge by Cream.  RIP Jack Bruce” The Irie Trio,  “That’s hard to pick one…so you choose…From our covers…Bush – Comedown..Creed – Torn…Pearl Jam – Even Flow…STP – Wicked Garden, prac_ppmedlogoetc…” Corrupting Dylan, “Personally I’ve been listening to Steven Page quite a bit lately.”  The Cog is Dead,  “The song I’ve been listening to the most recently is “Spring to Come” by the illustrious John Butler Trio. Besides the fact that it’s beautifully written, it’s also such a feel good song for me. It makes me happy when I need a pick-me-up, reminds me that there’s a light at the end of every tunnel.”GREYE

The Rumble Rocked!

For more details on Mai Tai Visit:

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