Say Hello to Davis McGee

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I have new candy for all of you to enjoy!

Davis McGee 2014 (2)Feast your ears upon Orlando Singer/Songwriter Davis McGee and his catchy indie single ‘So Much to give’ available now on Amazon and iTUNES. Davis has acquired more than 400 live performances in the past 2 years and recently returned from a music-themed cruise accompanied by Grammy award winning band America and former members of Boston, Journey and Lynyrd Skynyrd. This past weekend I chatted with this talented O-t0wn native about performing, his sound and of course his lyrical style:

How long have you been performing?

When I was fourteen, I began getting some occasional opportunities to perform, and that’s when I first started playing my originals in public. I played my first Florida Music Festival when I was 16, and it wasn’t long after that when I began playing paid gigs on a regular basis.

 How would you describe your sound?

I would say that my sound is a live/organic feel. I like to sound very real and in the So Much To Give CD Covermoment. I try to write my songs honestly, and I work toward reflecting that honesty in both my live shows and in my recordings.

 What would you define your lyrical style as?

I tend to use a pretty loose lyrical structure, usually working off whatever first comes to mind and building from there. Depending on the song, I might lay out a story, but other times I might elaborate on just a single idea to get across what I’m feeling for the song.

 Current song on the top of your playlist?

I listen to a little of everything. I try to stay current and get familiar with what’s new or popular, but there are also older and classic songs that I’ll always like. Right now I’ve been listening to alt-J, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, Sublime, The Dirty Heads, The Black Keys, Kid Cudi, The Beatles, G. Love, Jimi Hendrix, and too many others to name.

Thanks Davis!

 ReverbNation Davis McGee:

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