S.S HANAMI: Original Soundtrack, Season One

mandipaige (1)

“The sound of beauty and decay, of elation and despair…”

FINAL-CAST-JPEGBased out of Cape Canaveral Florida Say hello to the J-Rock band inspired by anime and the Visual Kei movement from Japan, S.S HANAMI. Coming together in 2009 from the the Japanese word for “cherry-blossom viewing”, actually starting this journey as a solo project with  Robert Adams by 2011 this explosive project had become a four piece musical riot including Nat Morkan – Guitar, James Brinkle Jr. – Bass and Andrew Wiggins on Drums.

The band has been busy entertaining Floridians at a run of shows including Orlando Nerdfest, that culminated in two performances at Umicon Daytona Beach to celebrate the five-year anniversary of their first show.

Now a very cool aspect of their album is The koto, a traditional thirteen-string Japanese harp, makes an appearance on several of S.S. HANAMI’s songs, such as Another Yesterday, What’s Love Without Danger? and Eternal Autumn!

You can hear more at: https://www.facebook.com/s.s.hanamimusic

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