Q&A with ‘Frostfang’

This past Friday (the 27th) The Haven Lounge was invaded by six of Central FB_IMG_1425236104642Florida’s hardest rocking metal bands at MetalZilla Returns!

Those bands Included Martyrs Asylum, Freakazoid!, Arikara, Arrhythmist, Beyond Silence and Frostfang who we caught up with before they took the stage to conquer the evil MetalZilla! FB_IMG_1425235889022

When did you first start this project (band)? We started Frostfang about 4 years ago. We are Nicholas Harasz ( drummer and arranger ) Lucas Harasz ( singer, lyricist, bass player), Jared Caprio ( Lead guitar and composer), & Jonathan Konja ( guitar) We have a self-produced album recorded in St Petersburg

What artist(s) would you say have been the biggest influence to you? I think the biggest influences we have are Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Megadeth, and the SwordFB_IMG_1425238737438

If you had to create a brand new word to describe your sound what word would it be?You could describe us as Renaissance Metal or Throner metal!

FB_IMG_1425235857661Is there anything you would like to tell our reader’s about upcoming music/shows?      We have a headlining show at the Local 662  on the 2/21st in St. Petersburg. We will debut a new song on the 21st. This song is not on our CD.     We also have a show in Fort Myers / Cape Coral on the 2/28th. A few up-coming shows for the month of March are in the works.

To check out more about Frostfang click below:

Frostfang: http://www.facebook.com/frostfangmetal


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